What Is The Most Important Item In Your Beauty Kit? |

Added January 31, 2013, Under: Skin Conditions

Everyone will have a different answer to this question. Some women will say their moisturizer or their eye cream, others cannot live without mascara or lipstick. But....wait for it, the real answer is not your beauty products but... Your beauty sleep! We neglect it, we steal from it and we abuse it but it is never too late to start making the most of your sleep. Beauty sleep is real, it costs you nothing and you can start making the most of it ...


Gout is Another Common Form of Arthritis Causing Pain & Suffering |

Added January 25, 2013, Under: Exercise, Men's Health, Nutrition

This condition is yet another where inflammation is a contributing factor. The condition is called gout and it is often considered to a bit of a joke when older men suffer from it. Many will lay the blame on the gentleman himself for drinking too much and eating rich food. My own father used to suffer from gout so I know from experience how he endured the pain and discomfort in his later years. Gout is certainly not funny. While it is ...


The ICE Suggestion is Nothing To Do With The Cold But Everything To Do With Keeping In Touch |

Added January 24, 2013, Under: Technology

A friend shared this suggestion with me the other day and I thought it was very worth while to turn the information into a blog bite because it is short, instructive, easy to put into practice and could save a life or at the very least prevent some anxious moments. Unless you are like me and not a fan of cell phones, then you are almost 100% going to be carrying your phone with you wherever you go, complete with your ...


Your Children Could Be At Risk If They Are Lacking In This Hormone |

Added January 23, 2013, Under: Children's Health, New Moms, Pregnancy, Vitamin D

In the winter months of the northern hemisphere, it becomes more important than ever to determine your child's vitamin D level. It is not known as the “feel good” hormone for nothing. If he or she were already deficient before the start of the colder months, then such levels could so easily be much worse now. Why do children need vitamin D? Children need vitamin D (yes,the feel good hormone) to fight the colds, flu and other viruses or bacteria that they ...


How To Start A Worm Bin in Your Quest For Less Waste in Your Life? |

Added January 21, 2013, Under: Environment, How To, Nutrition

It might be too cold to attempt this project at the moment if you live in the frozen North but that does not stop you making plans for the forthcoming Spring and Summer months if you have a garden or back yard to look after. This is another step your can take following our post yesterday Use a couple of Rubbermaid storage bins and order your own batch of red wigglers. Here is what to do Feed them by using all your outdoor garden ...


Now More Than Ever We Need to be Careful Not To Fritter Our Food |

Added January 20, 2013, Under: Environment, Nutrition

In the Chitty house, we have very little food waste. Some of our fruit, vegetables and herbs we are able to grow ourselves in our small courtyard garden. We shop once a week, mostly at the local farmers market before topping up at the local supermarket and health store.  We try to go for fresh whole foods that are organic or free range to cook from scratch. All vegetable and organic waste (carrot tops, orange skins, pineapple skins and tops etc) ...


Should We be Worried About the Bees or Do We Wait Until the Branch We are Sitting on Falls Down? |

Added January 17, 2013, Under: Environment, Health

How concerned should we be about the possible extinction of the bee population? The quotation “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live” has been ascribed to Albert Einstein. Whether it is true or not, no one can dispute the value of bees to mankind. Considered to be the most evil company in the world by many, Monsanto could be behind a new reign of terror. In September 2011, the ...


Children & Crocs. Are They Hurtful or Helpful? |

Added January 15, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Parents

Can you believe the ubiquitous Crocs have only been on the planet just over 10 years? Born in 2002, the shoe was initially intended as footwear for boating, with its nonslip tread and waterproof construction. "The product was originally produced in Canada in clog-form," says co-founder Lyndon V. Hanson, vice president of Crocs. "We added a strap for utility, and gave it some flair." While they were never ever going to receive any accolades from the notorious "fashion police", people - and ...


Whatever Your Age, Your Intake of This Mineral Can Impact Later in Life |

Added January 8, 2013, Under: Diseases, Nutrition, Vitamin D

One of the most important age groups, for the correct intake of this mineral in women, is between 14 and 24 when peak bone mass is obtained and this is why there is considerable concern among medical experts about the diets of teenage girls and young women. There is much controversy on how women should be getting their calcium While medical experts fear the future could bring an osteoporosis epidemic in women, those drugs designed to treat osteoporosis are dangerous and loaded with side ...


Top 10 Nutrient-Dense Foods For The Year Ahead|

Added January 6, 2013, Under: Nutrition

The best way to feel full and satisfied, so that you are not tempted to keep on eating between meals, is to include plenty of nutrient-dense foods in your diet. Here are our top 10 suggestions Almonds (eaten raw and often) provide good fat and lots of energy too. The perfect “on the go” anytime snack. Almonds give you plenty of vitamin E, manganese, riboflavin and magnesium while being a great source of some of the B vitamins plus the all important calcium, ...

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