How to Mask those Unwanted Bathroom Smells Naturally? |

Added March 14, 2013, Under: Environment, How To

We love essential oils at Healing Natural Oils so were especially pleased to find this recipe for a bathroom deodorizer - utilizing 3 special essential oils. This is a 100% natural fragrance to mask the #2 odor when you use the bathroom! There is a simple technique to using this because it works on a “before” rather than an “after” effect. Spray into the toilet before using it so that you create a film on the surface of the water, trapping any ...


Are We Going To Be Allowed to Sow Seeds for a Healthier Lifestyle? |

Added March 13, 2013, Under: Environment, Nutrition, Technology, Top 10

Growing your own vegetables is one of the fastest growing pastimes in the USA and what could be more healthy for you and your family? It is such good news that vegetable gardens have made a come back with even the White House joining in and web sites and YouTube tutorials devoted to this subject. We have written about the dark side before but... Here are the top 10 good reasons to grow your own 1. GET THE NUTRITION YOU NEED AND ...


How to Fight Inflammation with the Force of this Tonic |

Added March 11, 2013, Under: Diseases, How To

We are constantly being told that inflammation is the problem behind so many medical conditions today.  Everyone needs a certain amount of inflammation in the body because, if you have an injury or infection, inflammation is necessary to help protect and heal your body. Symptoms of inflammation are redness, warmth, pain, swelling and loss of movement or function. However, inflammation can become chronic and even lead to asthma, skin rashes, arthritis, mood problems, multiple sclerosis and more. Some chronic inflammation goes unnoticed so ...


Are Pregnancy Junk Food Cravings Setting your Child up for Poor Food Choices? |

Added March 10, 2013, Under: Babies, New Moms, Pregnancy

Whenever pregnancy comes up in books, films or TV programs, it nearly always goes hand in hand with the mother-to-be having crazy cravings. These can cover the full spectrum from bizarre to downright ridiculous – I worked with a pregnant colleague once who would chew on kitchen sponges (those ones with a rough texture on one side for cleaning pots and pans) and I never really understood why. What are the reasons behind these cravings? Although no one can really pin point for ...


The Serious Side Effects that Stem from Statins |

Added March 7, 2013, Under: Diseases, Drugs

Statins have been around since the late 1980s as cholesterol-lowering drugs, but in the last few years they've been earning 'super drug' status. According to pharmaceutical companies, they have been found to dramatically cut the risk of heart attack and stroke. It's also claimed that they reduce the risk of dementia, could ease some symptoms of multiple sclerosis, protect those with diabetes against cardiovascular disease and may even trigger the 'suicide' of some cancer cells. Who is funding the studies? Most of the ...


The Bio Urn for a Blessed Farewell |

Added March 6, 2013, Under: Environment

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust – we all know what that means but here is novel idea that someone has come up with – this bio degradable urn will help you to live on and provide new life for a tree after your death. As many people become less religious but perhaps more spiritual or even natural, what better way to recycle yourself? After you die and are cremated, your ashes are added to the biodegradable urn containing a ...


A Fun Way for all the Family to Stay Clean & Healthy this Summer |

Added March 5, 2013, Under: Environment, Health

Have you ever thought about installing an outdoors shower in your garden or back yard? Most countries in the world will have several months of sufficiently good weather to enjoy such a facility. There are plenty of variations to choose from and it can be as inexpensive or as lavish an installation as you wish – it is totally up to you. We had a simple shower in our courtyard in Cape Town which my husband was happy to use winter ...


Paprika & its Powerful Properties |

Added March 2, 2013, Under: Nutrition

Paprika is a readily available spice and made from the ground, dried fruits of peppers (either bell or chilli or mixtures of the two). Originally popular in mid European countries, and in particular Hungary, paprika adds color and flavor to savory dishes. Its popularity has spread to all other parts of the world. While people think of paprika as just a dusting of color on top of potato salads, deviled eggs or macaroni and cheese, it is so much more. Fresh ...


Is the Excessive Perfume Worn by Others Causing you Discomfort? |

Added March 1, 2013, Under: Environment, Headaches & Migraines, Skin Conditions

An allergic reaction to fragrance is very common and that means not only perfume itself but in other products such as cleansers and face creams. Any one with a sensitive skin, being prone to rashes or with a history of eczema  should avoid perfume and such skin care products and look for ones that are genuinely fragrant-free. There are more than 5000 different fragrances that are in use today. In any one product the number of fragrances used can be many. ...

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