Should You Be Concerned About What is Being Injected Into Your Child’s Body? |

Added April 27, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Parents, Vaccines

  When I thought about writing this post, it was going to be about flu vaccines and perhaps touching on other forms of immunization but I quickly realized that there is so much information, so much controversy and so much “not sitting on the fence” that the two each warranted a post of their own. So this one is about vaccinating children Back in the day (namely the 1970s) I never questioned the need to have my own children vaccinated – it was ...


These Top Eight Remedies Will Help to Heal or Remove Your Scars Naturally |

Added April 24, 2013, Under: Skin Conditions

We have written before about the more conventional ways of removing scars  but there are natural remedies that you can use too. Scars are the fibrous tissue formed on the skin in order to repair damaged tissue below. When there is an injury, the skin produces more cells in order to re-grow the punctured skin, resulting in a scar.  A scar is easily visible because the cells that go into making up the scar are unfortunately of lesser quality than the ...


Has Road Rage Ever Affected You? Top 10 Tips To Diffuse A Situation |

Added April 22, 2013, Under: Health, Top 10

To be at the receiving end of someone's road rage can be a very frightening and dangerous experience. It has happened to me - many years ago - and I was not even at fault. The abuser mistook me and my car for another driver. I felt very vulnerable but fortunately the abuse was verbal rather than physical – nevertheless the language he used was shocking. It could be you who has the road rage after a particular incident If you feel ...


Pine Nuts for Pesto & A Source of Many Health Benefits |

Added April 21, 2013, Under: Health, Nutrition

Pine nuts are the edible high protein seeds harvested from the pine cones that grow on pine trees, with some 20 species of pine producing seeds large enough to be worth gathering. The smaller seeds will be eagerly collected and eaten by small animals. The pine family of trees produce both male and female pine cones, although nuts are only found in fertilized female cones. In humans, the eating of pine nuts dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times when they were commonly ...


Grow A Healthy Herb Garden For Summer with 10 Herbs To Choose From |

Added April 19, 2013, Under: Environment, Nutrition, Top 10

With summer fast approaching in the northern hemisphere, you might like to start your very own herb garden. This can be a sunny corner of your back yard or front garden, or it can be a container herb garden on your balcony or window ledge (just as long as your herbs get a good few hours of sun each day).  Just choose yourself a suitable and sunny spot. Herbs come in such a wide range of beautiful colors and textures that ...


Asthma Can Be Tackled With These 5 Strategies |

Added April 18, 2013, Under: Diseases, Environment, Vitamin D

Asthma in people of all ages is a growing health problem but, along with changing to a wholesome diet based on unprocessed (preferably organic and locally grown foods) and including fermented foods plus regular exercise, you could well help your condition if you try these suggested strategies. Gluten-free 1. If you suffer from asthma, it is highly likely that you are gluten sensitive and should be genetically tested for gluten sensitivity.   Even though there are biblical references to the "staff of ...


Are Children Who Are Too Clean More Likely To Develop Eczema? |

Added April 16, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Skin Conditions, Top 10

The term eczema covers a group of conditions that cause the skin to become inflamed or irritated. The epidemic of eczema, which affects one fifth of children, may be as a result of our all too recent obsessive concern with keeping our children free of germs – aided and abetted by the media and advertising. And all those household and personal cleaning agents filled with chemicals and toxins are certainly not helping the situation. Eczema is now a worldwide epidemic – it ...


How To Increase Your Water Intake & Make It Enjoyable Too |

Added April 15, 2013, Under: Environment, Headaches & Migraines, How To

  We are always encouraging you to drink lots of water but the quality of that water can have a good or a bad impact on your health. While many in the Western world are lucky to have access to “safe from disease” water, when it comes straight from the tap there can still be many dangerous contaminants in your drinking water -  including chlorine and fluoride. As well as more than 2,100 known chemical toxins present in USA tap water, many ...


12 Winning Ways to Work Towards That Flatter Tummy |

Added April 13, 2013, Under: Exercise, Nutrition

We all know those ads that pop up on your computer screen extolling you “to click here for 5 tips for a flat stomach” and you end up somewhere completely unconnected. Here is the genuine article and we give you not 5 but 12 tips! Don't expect overnight success – it does take some time and perseverance – remembering that irritating maxim that all good things come to those who wait... 1. Drink a glass of water before eating and not during your ...


How Important is Genuine Gelatin for Improved Joint Health? |

Added April 10, 2013, Under: Health, Nutrition, Vitamin D

If you are not so young any more and you feel those knee joints playing you up (or even hip or back problems) consider taking gelatin as a natural remedy for improving joint health. Gelatin is made from collagen and is thought to help rebuild the cartilage in affected areas. Collagen is the major structural protein in connective tissue and is the most abundant protein in the human body. In fact, when you put some of these together - gelatin/collagen/bone-cartilage soups/lysine/proline ...

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