Are You A Helicopter Parent? |

Added May 31, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Parents

  Most parents are good, caring parents and try to do the best for their children - whatever their age. But some go overboard! They need to know that there are some limits... These are 3 things you should NOT be doing for your children Their homework Speaking for them and Choosing their friends Stop hovering and give them some independence! Don't be a helicopter parent!  


Right Handed or Left Handed & Should It Matter? |

Added May 30, 2013, Under: Babies, Children's Health, Parents

Although, nearly two and a half thousand left-handed people worldwide apparently die each year as a result of using products meant for right handed people, it would still seem that left handers can be rather special. The trials of being left handed And they do need to feel special because a left-handed person so often has the feeling that they were born into the wrong world. Everything is designed for right handed whether it be scissors, computer keyboards or irons. There are ...


Echinacea is a Natural Way to Strengthen the Immune System |

Added May 26, 2013, Under: Health

Historically, echinacea is indigenous to North America and was widely used by Native Americans as a medication against infections. They would also apply it topically for treating cuts, burns and especially insect and snake bites. Meanwhile, Europeans later began to discover the effectiveness of echinacea and, in time, even carried out extensive research studies on the herb.  Echinacea is sometimes known as purple coneflower. Such research confirmed three main health benefits Strengthening the immune system – particularly when those who have a weakened ...


Symptoms of Rosacea & How to Recognize Them |

Added May 22, 2013, Under: Diseases, Skin Conditions

Rosacea is a skin disorder that can cause redness, bumps, flushing or noticeable blood vessels, usually on the centre of your face. If you have some or all of these symptoms, you might think you have acne as rosacea can be mistaken for acne and other skin disorders. Rosacea affects the face and your appearance and, because of this, can make you self-conscious, embarrassed and perhaps anxious, leading to a possible disruption to your social and working life. The symptoms of rosacea can ...


The World Needs Natural Antibiotics & Colloidal Silver Could Be One Of These |

Added May 20, 2013, Under: Diseases

The main fact about colloidal silver is that it is already known as a very potent natural antibiotic. With the misuse and overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics over the past decades, this is especially good to know. Usually, an antibiotic kills 6 or so bacteria, but silver kills some 650 different types. Resistant strains do not develop in response to silver like they do with antibiotics. Another downside of course to antibiotics is that they kill the GOOD bacteria along with the ...


Is It Safer to Have Lipstick On Your Collar Rather Than Your Lips? |

Added May 16, 2013, Under: Pregnancy, Technology, Women's Health

Lipstick has been getting a lot of bad press lately. But if you are a woman who enjoys wearing make up and feels more attractive and confident when doing so, giving up lipstick may not be an easy step to take. What is the problem with commercial lipsticks? Basically, heavy metals. Many well known commercial lipsticks and lip glosses contain lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and five other metals according to a very recently published study by researchers at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Earlier studies, including ...


Are You Addicted To This Substance & How To Fight That Addiction |

Added May 12, 2013, Under: Diseases, Health, How To, Weight Loss

Most people are quickly becoming aware of the dangers of sugar and the need to reduce their intake or preferably eliminate it from their diet. But of course, the love of sugar is a form of addiction and we know how difficult addictive substances can be to turn away from. Unfortunately, sugar can be a form of poison Are you addicted to sugar? There are 6 ways to help reduce that addiction 1. Learn which products contain added sugar and which don’t. That ...


Don’t Just Discard Those Lemon Peels When They Have So Many Natural Uses |

Added May 7, 2013, Under: How To, Nutrition, Top 10

Did you know that lemon peel has as much as five to ten times as many vitamins as the lemon juice itself?  If you do not have access to a lemon tree, don't forget to use organic lemons rather than regular ones. Top 10 uses for lemon peel 1.  Anti-cancer, anti-fungi and antidepressant 2.  A natural acne treatment 3.  Good for bone health, oral health and hygiene 4.  Help with weight loss 5.  To get rid of internal parasites and worms as well as helping with ...


Apple Seeds & Are They A Potion Or A Poison? |

Added May 5, 2013, Under: Health, Nutrition

I tend to think of the seeds in fruits as being edible too. So I am happy to juice a whole apple, pips and all. Recently I came across a comment from someone on a reputable health forum who said she liked to eat several apple seeds each day because of their iodine content. I thought I would find out more. Why do we need iodine? Iodine is used by your thyroid gland to help regulate metabolism and development of both skeleton ...


12 Helpful Hints On How To Keep Your Home Cockroach Free |

Added May 3, 2013, Under: Environment, Health

Most people will feel uneasy when they turn on the light in the kitchen in the middle of the night and see a cockroach scuttling away. They will usually rush for a can of pesticide. Cockroaches need food, water and a place to hide if they are going to choose your home over others so removing these home comforts is the first step in ensuring your house is cockroach-free. They mostly come out at night - so sleep-over in a ...

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