Coffee Drinkers Who Care Can Consider Buying Shade Grown Coffee |

Added June 2, 2013, Under: Environment, Nutrition

Are you a coffee drinker and if so, are you concerned about where your coffee comes from? Sadly, “modern” coffee plantations (like many other agricultural enterprises) often destroy wildlife habitats in the process. In South America, for example, this is happening to such an extent that the population of songbirds is declining at an alarming rate – the trees where they live are disappearing. But there is a solution “Shade grown” coffee (which is actually the traditional method of coffee farming and popular ...


All You Need to Know On How To Make Cultured Veggies At Home |

Added June 1, 2013, Under: Health, How To, Nutrition

This is an excerpt from Dr. Mercola's article on... Learn How to Make Cultured Veggies at Home to Boost Your Immune System Dr. Mercola explains: As you age, your healthy gut flora diminishes and your stomach becomes less acidic, which may set you up for gastrointestinal dysbiosis, and a number of serious health problems that follow from it including dementia. Beneficial gut bacteria play important roles in vitamin production, mineral absorption, detoxification, and helping prevent diabetes, digestive issues, neurological problems, cardiovascular disease, and ...

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