Is There Mold Lurking In Your Domestic Machines? |

Added July 29, 2013, Under: Diseases, Environment, How To

Your machines for washing clothes and dishes could be causing a problem if they are harboring fungi. Washing machines or dishwashers, because they use water, can provide the perfect home for these undesirable visitors. Not only are they damp and warm but the continuous use of detergents makes their environment more alkaline too. Researchers tell us that the rubber seals of dishwasher and washing machine doors provide the perfect places for these fungi – not unlike the tropical rain forests that ...


This Simple Beverage Will Give A Great Start To Your Day |

Added July 28, 2013, Under: Diseases

Here is such a simple way to give yourself a healthy start to the day and that is with a cup or glass of warm water and the juice of half a lemon. Even if you don't have time during the working week to sit down for breakfast, you can make time for this easy action. Healthy Food Star asked us to share the benefits with everyone and so we are. A daily intake of warm water with lemon will: Boost your immune system This ...


The Placebo Effect & Is It Fact Or Fiction? |

Added July 25, 2013, Under: Diseases, Doctors, Drugs

You may well have heard the term “placebo” when reading about different types of medical studies. It usually means that half the participants - for example in a drug trial - will be given the real drug while the other half will be administered a plain pill or placebo, an inactive “look-alike” treatment or substance. It is not a medicine. While sometimes the placebo is in the form of a “sugar pill,” it could also be an injection, a liquid or even ...


A Convincing Case Why You Should Not Use Carcinogenic Commercial Sunscreens |

Added July 21, 2013, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Health, Vitamin D

For several decades now, the statistics for cancer and skin cancer have been rising just as, in the same way, figures for those using sunscreens have also increased. The mainstream media and medical worlds may well have put two and two together but because sunscreens are enormously profitable for the companies that produce them, there is a mighty strong incentive for them to continue in their same old way to increase their market share even further. Apparently part of their revenue even ...


Top 10 Ways to Moisturize Your Skin Naturally |

Added July 19, 2013, Under: Skin Conditions, Top 10

It is often said that you should never put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth. As long as you eat healthily, that is excellent advice because whatever you apply to your skin is quickly absorbed into the body and into the lymphatic system, including the many toxins (such as cancer-causing carcinogens) in skin creams and personal products. These top 10 moisturizers are all edible oils – great for your pantry cupboard and your bathroom shelf 1. Almond ...


De-Cluttering Your Office, Your Home & Ultimately Your Life |

Added July 16, 2013, Under: Environment, Top 10

  Now is always the perfect time to give your home and office a makeover, purging it of the excess papers, files, bits and bobs and other “stuff” that not only takes up valuable space in your physical environment but also in your mind. Think of it as a “life laundry”. Clutter can actually be a source of stress, prompting feelings of anxiety, frustration, distraction and even guilt. Do you suffer from a messy workspace or home (they usually go hand in ...


These 6 Natural “Doctors” Will Give You All The Help You Need To Live Well |

Added July 13, 2013, Under: Diets, Doctors, Environment, Exercise, Health

Forget the medications, the vaccines and the processed and convenience foods and turn to these 6 natural doctors to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and generally promote good health and well being. Here are those 6 #1 Sunshine In the past few decades, the cosmetic industry has been actively promoting the use of skin blocks by building up a fear of sunshine which is partly why many now suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Sunshine, and the vitamin D hormone it produces, makes ...


Top 10 Tips for Treating with Witch Hazel |

Added July 11, 2013, Under: Babies, Parents, Pregnancy, Skin Conditions, Top 10

Witch Hazel is yet another natural remedy for a whole host of everyday conditions as you can see below. Keep a bottle handy in your medicine cupboard and you will find ten ways or more to keep on using it. You might think that this plant's name - witch hazel - has sinister implications but, with its healing properties, nothing could be further from the truth.  Witch hazel's branches were once used as dowsing rods, that is to locate water or ...


Six Safer Substances For Your Baby To Chew On When Teething |

Added July 4, 2013, Under: Babies

  Right from the beginning, your baby has 20 teeth - all there but buried in the gums. During teething, the new teeth slowly slide and twist their way through gum tissue and this can hurt. Some of the signs of teething Increased drooling Restless or disrupted sleeping Refusal of food Fretting that comes and goes Chewing fingers and hands Mild rash around the mouth Loose stools and mild diaper rash When babies are teething, their first reaction is to put anything and everything into their mouth, partly out of ...


Home Made Mayonnaise Is The Safe & Natural Alternative To Commercial |

Added July 2, 2013, Under: Nutrition

Most people enjoy mayonnaise and use it regularly as a condiment for green salads, potato salads and more but the commercial variety is not doing you any favors - health wise. Shop bought mayonnaise will have a cocktail of processed ingredients 1. Soybean oil, corn oil or other vegetable oil blends that are high in omega-6 fats. Although omega-6 fatty acids are essential to human health, many people get too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3. This unhealthy ratio increases your risk ...

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