Are You a Yoga Novice or Even a Non Starter? Top 10 Tips to Get You Going |

Added December 28, 2013, Under: Exercise, Health, Top 10

It is the beginning of a New Year and what better time for new beginnings and that old chestnut, the New Year resolutions. I have already made up my mind, deciding to join a yoga class for the very first time, with every intention of slowing down the aging process just a little! And being a blog writer, I had to find out what I was likely to be letting myself into and to share it with you. I contacted an old ...


Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Beverages & How To Ensure They Are Healthy |

Added December 27, 2013, Under: How To, Nutrition

It is the festive season (and don't we know it!) and even if you do not go in for alcohol often during the rest of the year, you might feel that a celebratory drink or two is more than justified in December. But can you combine “healthy” and “alcohol” in the same sentence? It would seem that you can. I have been doing some research and I have found at least 4 that fit the bill (courtesy of First is one known as ...


Eggs & How Should We Store Them? |

Added December 21, 2013, Under: Diseases, Environment, New Moms

What type of eggs do you buy and how do you store them? I buy locally produced free range eggs here in England from my fruit and veggie shop where I pick them out of a large tray, packing them into smaller half dozen egg boxes.  They sit for sale on a shelf with no refrigeration but sell quickly with new stock arriving every couple of days.  I store them in an African craft-made wire basket on my kitchen dresser. As ...


Tara’s Long Journey with Bipolar |

Added December 19, 2013, Under: Doctors, Drugs, Health, Interviews

I recently heard about Tara and her story and I thought I would share my questions and her replies here as it could help others who have had to battle similar problems. Bipolar Disorder, formerly called manic depression (and which describes it very well), is a mental illness characterized by alternating mood swings that range from periods of elation to deep depression with normal periods in between.  There are also changes in sleep, energy, judgement and behavior. When did you first notice ...


The Black Under Your Toenails & Is This Fungus? |

Added December 14, 2013, Under: Health, Skin Conditions

Women in particular become quite concerned when they notice black under a toenail – especially if it is summertime and their feet are on show. There are lots of different reasons why toes become black under the nail and they are not all because of fungus although this is the most common cause. When black under your toenail is caused by fungus The most likely cause for black toenails are dermatophytes - microscopic organisms that grow under the nail bed and thrive in ...


Stress Headaches |

Added December 13, 2013, Under: Headaches & Migraines, How To, Vitamin D

While there are different types of headaches and migraines, the presence of stress in our modern lifestyles can lead to stress or tension headaches – a condition experienced by over 30% of adults at some stage. We may think of stress as being all bad but it has enabled man to adapt, to evolve and even to master all types of challenges. It is certainly not a recent phenomena with early man living under considerable stress when you consider all he ...


How to Shrink Your Hemorrhoids |

Added December 7, 2013, Under: Exercise, Health, How To, Inflammation, Nutrition

  Top of the list of main causes for hemorrhoids are constipation and obesity, making the necessity for lifestyle changes to shrink hemorrhoids all important. Such changes to a healthier way of eating and living often need to be quite drastic. Other reasons for hemorrhoids can be Pregnancy. Aging. Chronic diarrhea. Straining to have a bowel movement Sitting for long periods especially on the toilet. Knowing men's habit of sitting on the toilet reading, could this be linked to the fact that more men than women have hemorrhoids? Anal ...


What Are Cluster Migraines? |

Added December 6, 2013, Under: Environment, Headaches & Migraines, How To

Cluster migraines usually form a pattern where the same symptoms will return at the same time each day for several days or even weeks. Every sufferer will have a different pattern and there can be a break of weeks or months before that same pattern resumes once more, affecting more men than women and in the younger to middle age groups. Along with cluster migraines, headaches cost the USA economy an estimated $17 billion a year in lost work, disability payments and ...

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