Are you Anxious for a Healthy Chocolate Treat? |

Added February 22, 2014, Under: Health, How To, Nutrition

  Who can resist chocolate, including me? But of course when we are trying to keep to the straight and narrow on our road to healthier living, our sweet tooth is always lurking there ready to jump in with temptation. But I have found the perfect solution... It is a recipe for a raw chocolate cake (courtesy of Nadia Petrova of According to Nadia, it has a wonderful rich flavor, it’s all raw, vegan, gluten-free and most important of all it is easy ...


How Do You Contract Lyme Disease? |

Added February 15, 2014, Under: Diseases, Drugs, Environment, Skin Conditions

For many years it has been understood that Lyme disease is an infection caused by being bitten by an infected tick. It is called Lyme disease after the name of the town in the USA where it was first described back in 1975. Since then, thousands of cases have been reported both in the USA and elsewhere.  However, in the summer of 2013, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that Lyme disease was much more prevalent than previously thought ...


Today is the Day to Fight Back |

Added February 11, 2014, Under: Environment, Technology

Sometimes we just have to do what we have to do... Today is Tuesday 11 February 2014 and it is the day that has been set aside to publicize an international fight back against mass surveillance. “Governments worldwide need to know that mass surveillance, like that conducted by the NSA, is always a violation of our inalienable human rights. Over the past year, more than 360 organizations in over 70 countries have come together to support the International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to ...


The Repercussions from Legalizing Marujana |

Added February 9, 2014, Under: Drugs, Environment

The states of Colorado and Washington in the USA recently made history when voters approved ballot initiatives to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for adult use. Apart from the sales such legalization brings to those states, legalizing marijuana means that tens of millions of dollars will no longer be spent arresting tens of thousands of people for possessing small amounts of marijuana. Condemned for decades as an illegal substance, even though no one has ever been known to die of a ...


Has the Modern Peanut Allergy Scare Been Blown Up Out of All Proportion? |

Added February 8, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Diets, Vaccines

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the peanut allergy is one of the most common causes of food-related death, with some 3.3 million being allergic to nuts. Nevertheless, in spite of what you might have gathered from the media, more than twice that number are actually allergic to seafood – and there is very little publicity about this. There is an increasing body of medical opinion that the measures taken in response to the threat may be an ...


Is the Mainstream Media Giving Vitamin D a Hard Time? |

Added February 2, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Vitamin D

It is widely known that the mainstream media is well supported by the pharmaceutical industry (and its allies) when it comes to advertising income and so we should not be too surprised when that same media is so quick to jump on the bandwagon to attack anything natural or non-pharmaceutical that might actually improve our health. First it was vitamins under attack, now it is vitamin D A couple of months ago there were loads of headlines saying that vitamins were a ...


The Electronic Cigarette & Is It A Safer Alternative? |

Added February 1, 2014, Under: Diseases, Environment, Health, Technology

Even the most hardened smoker knows that it is dangerous to their health and yet cigarette smoking is so addictive that it is one of the most difficult habits to kick. If a smoker wants to quit, he or she deserves all the help and support we can give. And one of the most recent and popular ways is by using an electronic cigarette. The term “vaping” has taken the place of “smoking” for those who have embraced this new lifestyle. How ...

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