Why You Should Avoid Antibiotics When Treating Rosacea

Added October 29, 2014, Under: Drugs, Exercise, Nutrition, Skin Conditions, Vitamin D

Medical doctors will often prescribe antibiotics, when you present with the symptoms of rosacea, suggesting you continue with one type for up to three months before trying a different type. We would like to explain why this is not a good idea nor the best solution. But first, what are the symptoms of rosacea? Rosacea is pronounced roh-ZAY-sha and causes facial redness and spots together with flushing. It typically affects the cheeks, nose and forehead and, though it’s not painful, it can be ...


Is It Time That Hand Shaking Was Outlawed?

Added October 28, 2014, Under: Diseases, Environment

The time honored tradition of shaking hands is under pressure. Are there better ways to greet others without spreading germs? For example bumping fists is one suggestion Researchers at Aberystwth University in Wales, United Kingdom, have been conducting studies on hand hygiene. Using rubber gloves and a thick layer of potentially deadly bacteria (E.coli), they exchanged handshakes, high fives and fist bumps to test which form of greeting put you least at risk. The study concluded that high doses of germs were ...


Top 10 Facts To Know About Sleep & Why You Need Enough

Added October 25, 2014, Under: Health, Parents

Suffering from lack of sleep, whether you know it or not, is probably one of the most common conditions affecting people in the Western world today and yet, we cannot over emphasize the importance of sleep. Here are those 10 facts While you might not know about them, there are definitely some with which you will be able to identify. 1. 18 Days, 21 hours and 40 minutes is the record for the longest period someone has deliberately gone without sleep. During that ...


Are You Cooking On Gas & What You Might Need To Know About This Choice

Added October 23, 2014, Under: Environment, Health, Technology

Over a third of all Americans cook on a gas stove while the rest prefer to use electricity. But if you are a fan of gas and you just love the instant heat and control, you might need to know that there are drawbacks to this popular method of cooking. Use that exhaust fan! Whether you have gas or electric for cooking, you should turn on that exhaust fan above your stove whenever you cook and not just when you burn something ...


Arthritis Does Not Just Affect Humans But Our Pets Too

Added October 20, 2014, Under: Arthritis, Diseases, Environment, Exercise

With World Arthritis Day having been marked this month (October 12), it is not only humans who suffer from the debilitating effects of arthritis but pets and of course animals at large. They too can live with this same disease that causes swelling and pain in the joints. A senior veterinary surgeon in the UK, Elaine Pendlebury, explains: “In healthy pets a smooth protective layer of cartilage covers the joint surfaces, which are bathed in a fluid that acts like a ...


How To Make Your Own Liposomal Vitamin C & Why Is This Important?

Added October 15, 2014, Under: Diseases, How To

Unlike most mammals and birds, humans do not produce vitamin C in their bodies, having lost the ability to do so along with primates and guinea pigs. Studies have found that some populations may have as many as 20 to 35% who are severely vitamin C deficient while college students, smokers and older adults have an especially high risk. Therefore, we have to obtain the vitamin C "benefits" our bodies need from external sources. Our diet should include as many different ...


Scars & The Choices You Have For Their Treatment

Added October 14, 2014, Under: Skin Conditions, Technology

Acne may be easy to treat, but it becomes a bigger problem once scars develop on the skin, especially on the face. Some 5% of teens and young adults who have acne will be left with the appearance of acne scars. And of course it is not only acne that can causes scars. We like to think that we can treat acne and any scars in a more natural way but there are other methods to explore too. Micro-needling is one new ...


How Safe Is Your Supplement?

Added October 10, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Nutrition, Parents, Top 10

A few months ago we wrote about vitamin supplements in our post “Supplements, What Do We Need & How Should We Store Them?” But there is more you need to know when making a decision on supplements. There is a big division between high quality plant-based supplements and the cheaply produced and priced synthetic versions, while certain additives and fillers can be a real problem when taken in large and regular doses. The statistics show With more than 50% of the US population ...


Wrinkles & Is Botox The Solution For Your Skin?

Added October 3, 2014, Under: Men's Health, Skin Conditions, Women's Health

It is not just women who worry about their wrinkles and fine lines as they grow older, men do too. Why are men turning to Botox? Although men often have the advantage over women of being able to age with less visible signs, those in the age group of 35 to 50 are increasingly using Botox to banish their wrinkles, brow lines and crows' feet. And it is not just celebrities taking up the cause, those executives who want to further their careers ...

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