Is There a Link Between Cold Sores & Alzheimer’s?

Added November 28, 2014, Under: Diseases

No one wants to pick up a cold sore but most people contract the cold sore virus, caused by the herpes simplex 1 virus, when they are young and it is spread in saliva or mucus that comes from the nose and mouth. It can take just one kiss to pass on the virus, making babies and young children particularly vulnerable to cold sores (and this virus). If you have an active cold sore yourself, you must protect your young child ...


Drying Your Hands in Public Bathrooms

Added November 27, 2014, Under: Health, Skin Conditions, Technology

Washing your hands at home in the bathroom is easy – soap and warm water with a soft clean towel to dry them. But step into a public washroom and you probably won't be so fortunate. Nine times out of ten you could be faced with an electric wall mounted air dryer and not even a paper towel in sight. But is that a problem? Air hand dryers are said to be spreading germs A study by the University of Leeds in the UK ...


Exposure to the Chickenpox Virus is Like Getting a Shingles Vaccine Shot but Better!

Added November 22, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Skin Conditions

In recent times, and after being prompted by mainstream media and vaccine producers, parents have started to think of chickenpox as a dangerous health condition, especially among their young children. But this is untrue In the past, chickenpox was a common childhood ailment and almost a rite of passage. The children (who caught it) then had antibodies for the rest of their days. What is true is that shingles is more common in those (over the age of 50) who have had chickenpox ...


B.R.A.T. & How To Handle Vomiting

Added November 18, 2014, Under: Diets, Doctors, Health, How To, Pregnancy, Sickness

We have written about the use of acronyms before in our posts. Examples include STROKE, ICE and more. They can be very useful to help people remember what to do in certain circumstances. Even so, it is still a good idea to refresh the memory from time to time. BRAT is yet another acronym and it helps you to decide what you can safely eat when you have been ill when symptoms include vomiting and/or diarrhea. This bland-food diet is suitable for ...


Why is it Important to Treat Gout in the Early Stages?

Added November 15, 2014, Under: Arthritis, Diseases, Health, Inflammation

Rare in the past, gout is becoming increasingly common with 6% of males and 2% of females in the USA now suffering from this painful condition. Yes, gout now afflicts more than eight million American adults with research suggesting that it is still on the rise. Some people have only the occasional flare-up while others are plagued by chronic, recurring symptoms. Men have higher uric acid levels in their blood which makes them more likely to have gout but, when women ...


Improve your Daily Dental Routine with these Natural Tips

Added November 14, 2014, Under: Dental Care, Health

The modern routine for tooth care includes brushing your teeth, giving them a good floss and finishing off with a commercial mouth wash. In fact, advertizing for mouth washes has been so successful that sales of the same have increased in leaps and bounds in recent years. But have you ever given any thought to what you are putting in your mouth when you carry out this daily routine? Toothpaste There has been a growth in alternative natural types of toothpaste as consumers ...


Will a Raw Food Diet Improve the Symptoms of Eczema?

Added November 11, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Health, Skin Conditions

Whether you are an adult with eczema or have a young child who suffers the symptoms of this condition, there are lifestyle changes that can help your situation. No one wants to endure the flaking, scaling, peeling, redness and roughness that eczema can produce. Along with taking care of and treating the eczema skin itself, improvements can also be achieved from the inside out. Changing to a raw food diet is one of these. Ideally, the diet of a dedicated raw foodist will ...


A Natural Tonic to Combat the Discomfort of Bloating

Added November 10, 2014, Under: Health, How To, Inflammation

No one wants to suffer the discomfort of bloating of the stomach, leading to symptoms such as flatulence, painful stomach ache, diarrhea and an uncomfortable feeling when wearing tight clothes. Many women seem to suffer from this and it is often attributed to irritable bowel syndrome. Why does bloating occur? In many cases, a particular food or set of circumstances sets off the process. Apart from stress, the excessive sugar and/or salt used in processed foods are a common cause for ...


Cracked Heels & How to Care For Your Footsore Feet

Added November 2, 2014, Under: How To, Skin Conditions, Top 10, Women's Health

Cracked heels can be an unpleasant condition whatever time of the year so now is the perfect opportunity to give your heels (and the rest of your feet) the treatment they deserve with this home pedicure. What equipment will you need? Pumice stone Foot buffer Cuticle remover Natural shower gel Coconut oil Foot scrub (optional) and Nail polish (natural and optional). Our top ten steps to take 1. Remove any old polish from your nails. 2. Cut and file nails to a shape you like – preferably straight across the top. 3. ...

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