What is Your Child Swallowing With His Soft Serve Ice Cream?

Added December 29, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Nutrition, Parents

Many people enjoy ice cream and this can be at any time of the year as a regular treat or for a special occasion. Many of us grew up with the memory of the ice cream truck making its way through the neighborhood while alerting us to its progress with happy sounding chimes. But do we need to be concerned about the ingredients that go to make this yummy dessert especially as those soft serve ice creams so popular with children can ...


Could Pine Bark Extract Help Treat Your Hemorrhoids?

Added December 22, 2014, Under: Health, Inflammation, Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids can be very painful and if you want to treat this condition, one of the ways is to ensure a healthy blood flow. Recent clinical studies have found that pine bark extract can achieve this when treating hemorrhoids. What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are those swollen veins that occur internally or externally around the anal area, usually because of too much pressure. Women who are pregnant often develop hemorrhoids, with constipation and straining making their contribution. Straining for a bowel movement can ...


How Important is it to Choose the Right Type of Hen Egg?

Added December 19, 2014, Under: Environment, Health, How To, Nutrition

Long considered less than healthy by mainstream media, “going to work on an egg” is one of the best ways to start your day. Eggs are one of the most economical ways to increase the nutrients in your family’s diet. They are full of vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene, good cholesterol, and the now back in favor saturated fat. But with all the different labels that come with your box of eggs, how do ...


Cherries or Cherry Juice to Combat Those Insomnia Blues

Added December 15, 2014, Under: Drugs, Environment, Health, How To

Isn't it great when you can drink a delicious beverage and it turns out to be healthy and good for you too? One such drink is pure, natural cherry juice which is the perfect alternative to fresh cherries when the latter are not in season – basically for ten months of the year. During the other two months, treat yourself to some fresh cherries as these are a great source of melatonin, making the perfect bedtime snack. In fact studies have ...


Bacteria Infecting Our Gums Can Be A Cause Of Arthritis

Added December 13, 2014, Under: Arthritis, Dental Care, Health

According to the very reputable health site - Green Med Info – a growing body of research has confirmed that the bacteria that infect our gums may well be the cause of many cases of arthritis. They say: “Dentistry researchers from Germany's Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg recently analyzed the synovial fluid of 42 patients - average age of 54 years old – with rheumatoid arthritis. They compared this information with 114 control subjects around the same age who had no arthritis and ...


Is Your Diet Helping to Prevent Your Asthma Attacks?

Added December 8, 2014, Under: Diets, Diseases

Diet is surprisingly important when you are suffering from asthma. Whether you are an adult or a child, it can make all the difference between triggering or avoiding an asthma attack. Even if you do not suffer from this condition yourself, you probably know someone who does - today 1 in 12 of those living in the USA will have this condition. What does having asthma mean? It means having airways that are inflamed, making you and them especially sensitive to substances ranging ...


Why Squatting Over Sitting Is Better For Every One, Every Time

Added December 4, 2014, Under: Children's Health, Health, How To

Ever since the water closet (or WC) was invented in the western world in the nineteenth century, it would seem that we have been going about doing something natural in completely the wrong way. But what did we do wrong? We changed from squatting to sitting And although you might think that is a more civilized way to behave so that you are sitting comfortably and able to even read your newspaper, book or magazine in peace, it is not the method our ...


How to Make Your Own Honey & Lemon Throat Lozenges

Added December 2, 2014, Under: Health, How To, Parents

Yes it is that time of the year again, in the Northern hemisphere, when scratchy throats, runny noses and just an all “round bunged up” feeling is the order of the day. But instead of rushing off to get over-the-counter medications (which are full of chemicals), you can turn to more natural remedies. Here is one such remedy whatever your age... Homemade honey and lemon throat lozenges This is a special recipe you can make yourself with honey and lemon to suck (for ...

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