Are Leg Cramps Keeping You Awake At Night?

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Woman holding sore leg muscle

There are many things that can keep you awake at night and of course lead to bouts of insomnia. One of these is night cramps These usually occur in the calf  but the discomfort can affect the thighs and feet for a few seconds or for many minutes - with lingering muscle pain for longer periods. Leg cramps are more likely in men and women over the age of 50. The first  action to take when suffering from leg cramps is to ensure ...


Top 10 Tips For Vacuuming Chores In Your Home

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Vacuum cleaner. Close up of the head of a modern hoover being used while vacuuming a woollen furry carpet.

After enjoying the festive season with a house full of visitors, plenty of food preparation and all that unwrapping of gifts, your home may be in need of a good cleaning session. A big part of any house cleaning is of course the vacuum cleaner.  And that does not mean just cleaning the carpets - many will use a vacuum cleaner to clean hard surfaces too. But are you getting the best possible use out of this cleaning tool? Our top 10 ...


4 Different Foot Conditions & Their Link To Our Shoes

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Pair of new sneakers

Our feet and our shoes are nearly always together but our feet can cause problems with our shoes and so can our shoes cause problems with our feet. You need to take equal care of your feet and your shoes.  Feet that are hurting can be a sign that your shoes are not right for you! These foot conditions can be aggravated by your shoes They are nail fungus, plantar warts, athlete’s foot and cracked heels. Nail fungus A nail fungus infection in the toenail ...


Teething Egg – Does An Egg In An Old Sock Actually Work For Teething?

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Baby girl socks attached to the rope

Old wives were renowned for all types of tales but many were those for parents (and of course mostly mothers) who were looking after their babies - especially when it applied to teething remedies. In fact, many natural teething remedies have been around for thousands of years. One of the strangest tales you can be told is that involving a raw egg (still in its shell) and a used sock belonging to the baby who is suffering from the teething pain and discomfort. If ...


Don’t Just Discard That Orange Peel, It Can Be Invaluable!

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Orange peel against white background

You may be very environmentally conscious and always diligently compost your discarded fruit and veggie peelings and skins but, at the same time, you could be losing out on some extra health benefits. Organic orange peels are really useful… Here are some suggestions: In the kitchen Although considered just a by-product, dried orange peel is popularly used in a variety of recipes as a flavoring. Fresh orange peel can be grated to add as a zest. Orange peel can also be dried and candied while rehydrating ...


The Marshmallow Plant & What Can It Do For You?

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Pink marshmallow flowers on white background

When we talk about the marshmallow, and what it can do for you, don't get too excited thinking that you will have free rein to eat lots of that fluffy candy treat along with health benefits! No, the marshmallow is a plant and the leaves and the root are used to make medicine.  It is actually a natural way of healing a variety of ailments and conditions.  At the same time, don’t confuse marshmallow with the mallow (Malva sylvestris) flower and ...


Think Twice Before You Dispose Of Those Little Silica Bags

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Silica gel bag with warning sign (with clipping path) isolated on white background

Whenever you buy a product that needs to stay moist-free, whether it is a small electrical appliance or box of natural supplements, it will usually come complete with a small silica bag. Once you start to use the product, you probably just throw the silica bag away as it will have done its job. But you need to think twice before you add it to the trash… You might think that this is because they are harmful to the environment in some way. But ...


Could Showing Gratitude Be Good for Our Health?

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We Are Grateful concept with an angled signboard with the words on a rustic wooden pole in an autumn landscape, with a vintage style filter effect.

Following the recent Thanksgiving celebration in the USA, the subject of being grateful has been on our minds. But should this be a year-round concept rather than just “thought about” on one day of the year? Are you a half full or half empty cup kind of person? The answer can tell a lot about your state of mind and whether you are generally optimistic or pessimistic… Gratitude journals Many of you will remember Oprah Winfrey promoting a gratitude journal on her TV ...


Top 10 Insights To Share On The Subject Of Shingles

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Diagnosis - Shingles. Medical Concept with Blurred Text, Stethoscope, Pills and Syringe on Green Background. Selective Focus.

We are encouraged to view chicken pox as a dangerous disease that children should not be allowed to develop. However, it is not life threatening and it is actually the natural form of defence (as you grow older) from a far more serious condition – shingles. 1. Shingles is more common in those over the age of 50 but, by exposing yourself to the chickenpox virus as a child, you can significantly lower your risk of developing shingles in those later years. 2. ...


5 Steps To Stop Those Sniffles, Sore Throats & Tickling Coughs

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Winter can mean all those cold and cough germs are doing the rounds - especially when you have young children in the home who bring them back from school and promptly share them with you! Here is how to use our 5 easy steps to minimize the discomfort those germs can cause, and help you and your family get better sooner too. Step 1 for onset of cold symptoms At the very first sign of sniffles and sneezes, start taking frequent doses of vitamin ...

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