Why Do So Many Bite Their Nails?

Added March 29, 2016, Under: Dental Care, Health, How To

Nail biting is an unfortunate habit that is surprisingly widespread with a high percentage of people of all ages falling into this lifestyle choice. Estimates suggest that 30% of children, 45% of teenagers, 25% of young adults and 5% of older adults bite their nails. Although nail biting becomes less common after the age of 18, it can and often does continue into adulthood. Many adults and children are often unaware they are biting their nails because doing so has become ...


Why We Need Our Bees To Keep Buzzing!

Added March 28, 2016, Under: Environment

Bees apparently have the greatest language skills of all the insect kingdom and they have developed these skills to communicate danger to other bees while delivering a warning by buzzing and head butting at the same time. This is according to research carried out by University of California San Diego and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and published in the journal known as PLOS Biology. They tell us that Asian bees (for example) use a sliding scale of vibrational pulses to warn their ...


Funerals For The Future But Relevant Now

Added March 22, 2016, Under: Environment, Technology

The concept on how a funereal should be carried out is suddenly changing and perhaps not before time. For decades, and perhaps even centuries, funerals have been all about ceremony and protocol. Is the "zero fuss" funeral the way to go? Very recently, when David Bowie died, the direct cremation was the choice he had made. And many years ago, John Lennon had a similar arrangement. This option means the body is sent straight to the crematorium from either hospital, hospice or ...


How Is Your Circulation & Are You Either Too Hot Or Too Cold?

Added March 21, 2016, Under: Exercise, Health, How To

The extremities of the body, the hands and feet, are often one of the first places a person notices that they have a circulation problem. Poor circulation can affect the blood flow throughout the whole body, but it is the extremities that can be most affected. Tips for improving circulation 1. If you stand up or sit down a lot, you should change your position regularly and stretch your legs as often as possible as our bodies do not cope well with ...


Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Added March 17, 2016, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Exercise, Health

Even if you are sitting comfortably, and you enjoy all the time you spend sitting, you might like to re-think your sitting habits for your health’s sake. How much do we sit? In the modern world today, the average number of hours we sit per day is ten. Studies from the World Health Organisation (WHO) have found that millions worldwide are being adversely affected by poor work posture - and prolonged sitting. Some health risks A sedentary lifestyle can lead to: Back pain Strained neck and shoulders Muscle ...


How To Know When A Headache Is Serious

Added March 13, 2016, Under: Doctors, Drugs, Headaches & Migraines, Health, How To

Headaches are of course very common and can be divided into primary and secondary headaches. What are primary headaches? Common primary headaches include migraine, tension-type, and cluster and because these headaches are not being caused by any underlying problem, neurological examinations and imaging tests are usually completely normal in these disorders, no matter how severe the symptoms. On the other hand secondary headaches are the ones that could mean a more serious health condition... Secondary headaches The key to distinguishing secondary headaches from primary headache ...


Spiders & Are They Welcome Visitors In Your Home?

Added March 10, 2016, Under: Environment, How To

Many people have a genuine fear of spiders and will avoid them at all costs. But finding refuge inside our homes seems to be the common aim of many varieties of spiders and they will do whatever it takes to get in. While spiders are generally not a toxic problem here in the UK, I know that it can be a different matter in the USA. You can find a chart to identify those spiders that are venomous on this chart. Nevertheless, I ...


How To Treat Joint & Muscle Pain, Naturally

Added March 8, 2016, Under: Arthritis, Diseases, Health, How To

You might find it hard to believe that there are at least sixty three different conditions associated with joint and muscle aches and pains. It can be something as simple as not getting enough exercise (so that we stiffen up) or having too much exercise (where we over do it) right through to suffering from conditions known as fibromyalgia or even lupus. The signs and symptoms of joint pain Joint stiffness or weakness Joint redness Joint swelling Muscle cramp Joint tenderness Joint warmth Limping, locking of the joint ...

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