How To Keep The Toilet Safely Sparkling!

Added June 29, 2016, Under: How To, Men's Health, Women's Health

Everything we use needs a deep clean from time to time and that includes our toilets. There is probably nothing worse in a neglected home than a filthy, stained water closet. But there is really no need to use toxic, hard-on-the-environment, chemicals to keep yours in pristine condition. Essential oils can save the day! Here is a recipe to make your own natural toilet cleaner To make a good supply of 24 toilet bombs, you will need 1 third cup baking soda – with so ...


Summer Sun is Great for your Vitamin D Levels but Hard on your Hair

Added June 26, 2016, Under: Environment, Exercise, How To, Vitamin D

Being outdoors, enjoying the sun and perhaps spending lots of time swimming and in the water can be especially harsh on your hair. It is easy to forget about looking after your hair when you are so busy enjoying all those summertime outdoor activities but a few minutes spent in preparation can prevent damage in the long run. Our top HAIR TIPS to counteract the effects of summer… 1. Have a regular hair trim. This is because (a) many find that their hair ...


Epsom Salts and our Top Ten Tips For Even More Benefits

Added June 20, 2016, Under: Diseases

We recently shared some of the many benefits to be gained from having an Epsom salts bath. But because there are so many other uses for Epsom salts, we felt another post was warranted. Check out our top ten tips for using Epsom Salts... For foot health 1. Epsom salts for a foot scrub. Add 1/3 cup of Epsom salts to a bucket or large bowl (wide enough to fit both feet). Fill with warm water and let feet soak for twenty to thirty ...


Treat Your Toenails to Simple Sunlight to Help Fight Nail Fungus

Added June 16, 2016, Under: Environment, Skin Conditions

UVB from the sun is a very potent germicidal agent and, if you suffer from a common and chronic nail infection known as onychomycosis, you could find a daily dose of sunlight (between the hours of 10am and 2pm when UVB rays come to the fore) would finally get rid of your problem. Nail fungus is a very stubborn condition because it lives deep under the nail and not on the nail's surface - with the infection growing off as a ...


Don’t Discard Your Eggshells!

Added June 13, 2016, Under: Environment, How To, Skin Conditions, Top 10

This is because the eggshells have so many uses. We have written about eggs, and all their benefits and uses, in several posts including one on how to store eggs, the importance of the eggs you choose to buy and eat and even tips on how to use the membrane that comes from the inside of the shell. Now it is the turn of the eggshells themselves. Here are our top ten tips for using eggshells… In the home  1. To brighten your whites in your ...


The Mattress For Your Baby & How Safe Is It?

Added June 8, 2016, Under: Babies, Environment, How To, New Moms, Parents

A couple of decades ago, new parents rarely gave much thought to the mattresses they provided for their babies and often these were passed down from older siblings, friends and other family members. But today, it is very different and the advice and choices parents are faced with can be overwhelming. But before we talk about the mattresses themselves, what about the purpose for those mattresses? Sleeping… How many hours do or should babies sleep? Newborns sleep for about 16 to 17 hours a ...


Walking for Life for these Top Ten Reasons!

Added June 4, 2016, Under: Arthritis, Diseases, Drugs, Environment, Exercise, How To

Probably the easiest and cheapest form of exercise to do regularly, as long as you are reasonably fit and able, is walking. Just a thirty-minute daily walk will make the world of difference to your health and well being in so many ways. And as you get used to that daily thirty-minute exercise, you will find yourself able to go longer and longer so that in time you could even include a five mile walk every week or so. Here are our ...

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