Reward Your Hardworking Hands With Simply Hand Oil

Added July 30, 2016, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health, How To, Skin Conditions, Vitamin D

Most of us are fortunate indeed to have two strong hardworking hands that are kept busy throughout the day and yet, do we give their welfare a second thought? Whether we are doing the household chores, working in the garage or the garden or subjecting our hands to lots of water, we do need to give them some TLC (tender loving care) – and regularly. 5 tips for gardeners to look after their hands 1. Invest in good gloves as these will protect ...


Why Do We Suffer From Varicose & Spider Veins?

Added July 26, 2016, Under: Exercise, Health, Pregnancy

Womans Day has recently published some helpful advice on what you need to know about varicose veins and spider veins – those unwanted but common conditions that affect more than eighty million adults in the USA. We have shared some of this advice as well as adding our own suggestions and comments. What causes varicose veins? Two things that do not cause varicose veins – crossing your legs and wearing high heels. But there are plenty of other things that do because varicose ...


Alcohol & Is There A Safe Level?

Added July 25, 2016, Under: Health

New research by scientists has disclosed that alcohol is a direct cause of at least 7 dangerous types of cancer. They have warned drinkers that “there is no safe level” when consuming alcohol. While obviously the highest risks are to those who drink heavily, there is the warning that even low levels of alcohol can lead to cancer. Which are the 7 dangerous cancers linked to alcohol? These are: Cancer of the mouth and throat Cancer of the larynx Cancer of the oesophagus Cancer of the liver Cancer of ...


The Symptoms of Silent Migraines

Added July 21, 2016, Under: Diseases

There have been some interesting news stories recently on the study of migraines. It has been reported that frequent and recurring dizzy spells could mean you have a silent migraine – one without an actual headache. Many sufferers with symptoms of vertigo and/or nausea have gone undiagnosed “as migraine victims” because they don’t experience any headaches. Migraine is a complex neurological condition with a wide range of symptoms, the most common and classic of which is normally a throbbing, intensely painful headache. But ...


Burn a Bay Leaf For Its Instant Calming Effect

Added July 17, 2016, Under: Arthritis, Environment, Headaches & Migraines, Health, Inflammation

One easy and instant way to bring peace and tranquillity to your home is to burn a bay leaf! Bay leaves are also known as bay laurel or Laurus nobilis. Popular in Mediterranean cuisine where thy are used as a spice, bay leaves have a long history of being used in other ways as well. The Greeks and Romans celebrated the bay leaf for its healing properties and even used the bay leaf to illustrate their art work. Bay leaves have a proven calming ...


Copper is Key for Lifelong Water Bottles and More

Added July 13, 2016, Under: Environment, Health, Technology

  Originally extracted from the earth some eight thousand years ago, copper became the first metal to be refined into a high level of purity and has been used for storing drinking water for centuries – long before steel and aluminium. In fact, copper pipes have been the pipes of choice by plumbers for use in buildings for a very long time, being a very durable and long lasting plumbing material.  As long as your plumber uses lead-free solder, copper pipe should safely ...


Community Gardens Keep Growing in Popularity

Added July 10, 2016, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Exercise

  Special spaces in Somerset Known as Allotment Gardens here in England, I have been to visit a comparatively new development of community gardens, in another part of Somerset, when the Muriel Jones Field Allotments opened up their special place to the public for just one day. And what a wonderful and caring community I found. In just four years they have gone from being a former five acre farm field to a thriving and productive allotment site. The sloping site has a very ...


Our Top Tips for Freezer Management

Added July 8, 2016, Under: How To, Nutrition, Technology

Food waste is a huge problem in the western world. Using a freezer can add to this problem where people place items in the freezer, forget what they are or how long they have been there and then just throw them away anyway. But a freezer can also provide a solution for avoiding food waste and we will tell you how below… Using a freezer is a "pause button" for food Here are some important points to remember: Your food and its nutritional value ...


Poor Posture Puts You At Risk

Added July 7, 2016, Under: Exercise, Health, How To

There are many benefits to your health - and more - when you have good posture. Learning to stand up straight is today considered rather old fashioned. And yet a few decades ago, perfect deportment was part of growing up when we were constantly told to stand up straight and pull back our shoulders. Most young girls went to ballet classes which was one way to ensure a straight back while another popular trick was to walk around with 2 or 3 ...

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