Could a Prescription for Following the “Mediterranean Diet” Replace One for Statins?

Added August 31, 2016, Under: Doctors, Drugs, Health, Nutrition

Italian researchers have recently concluded that those who follow the Mediterranean diet live healthier and longer lives – they even go so far as to say that such a diet could replace the use of statins. Some critics may point to a conflict of interests – after all, the Mediterranean diet is part of being Italian. But what have they got to gain from such a conclusion - apart from healthier Italians? The benefits of a Mediterranean diet For those who are new to ...


Healthy Brain Booster Treats for your Dog

Added August 29, 2016, Under: How To, Nutrition

  We have shared the different ways we can boost our brain health in humans in previous blogs when we wrote about smart foods for the brain and with using a daily sniff of this common herb - but how about giving your dog some of the same advantages? Here is a simple but very healthy recipe for delicious "brain booster treats" for your dog. The ingredients are so good that they are more than suitable for humans (large or small) too! You will need Coconut oil Almond butter A handful of blueberries ...


The Dangers of Microbeads are Hitting the Headlines

Added August 26, 2016, Under: Environment, Technology

Some eighteen months ago, we wrote about how microbeads (used in so many everyday products) were finding their way into our waterways, our lakes and ultimately our oceans and posing an ever increasing threat to the environment. Now the mainstream media has got a hold of the story of these seemingly innocent tiny beads of plastic - and that is a good thing because it helps to raise awareness in the general public who often need extra publicity, around many of ...


Volunteering & All Those Health Benefits, Including the Feel Good Factor

Added August 22, 2016, Under: Health

We have often written about the various ways we can improve our well being and health as we age - but here is a new thought to consider. Researchers have recently discovered that those over the age of forty years (who volunteer their services) can actually improve their mental well being by doing so. A new study published in BMJ Open (British Medical Journal) has examined data collected from some five thousand homes in the UK. They asked questions on volunteering in various surveys over ...


Is Daily Flossing Your Teeth Providing Any Benefits?

Added August 17, 2016, Under: Dental Care, Diseases, How To, Parents

You probably thought that the concept of flossing your teeth was a recent innovation but no, it was first thought up as long ago as the late 1800s. Today, it is a hugely successful dental product that is sold around the world, with a projected sales figure for 2017 of almost two billion dollars. But how important is it to floss our teeth and have we been sold something that we actually do not need? What does research tell us about any ...


Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Problems As You Grow Older

Added August 13, 2016, Under: Doctors, Drugs, How To, Inflammation

Apart from making you feel less alert, more irritable and perhaps even unable to function properly, being sleep deprived can have some lasting drawbacks to your health and your well being - especially as you age. Keeping your body clock on track Researchers have now found that a good night’s sleep could be the way to avoid back pain as you grow older. This is because they have discovered that those discs in our spines actually have a twenty four hour body clock. According ...


The Plastic Supermarket Bag Is A Dilemma For Us All

Added August 4, 2016, Under: Environment, Health

After the first six months of being in place in England, the “paying for plastic bags in supermarkets” habit has proved a great success, with the numbers of bags being used dropping from 7 billion for the year in 2014 to a much lesser number of half a billion for that said first six months. Other parts of the UK (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) also had such a system up and running for some time - with England only now ...

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