Old Fashioned Light Bulbs & The Good News On The Horizon

Added October 31, 2016, Under: Environment, Health, Technology

Isn't it strange how, time and time again, we go back to the older and original ways of doing things? Now it is the turn of the humble light bulb. A few years ago, we were all persuaded to ditch the incandescent light bulbs because they were wasteful of energy with a short life span. In came the really ugly-looking energy-saving bulbs which had the bright strident light beam.  They were expensive but long lasting and we were told they were better ...


Should You Be Concerned About That Daily Shave, Guys?

Added October 21, 2016, Under: Headaches & Migraines, Inflammation, Men's Health, Skin Conditions

Shaving cream, shaving foam or shaving gel is applied to the face, or wherever else hair grows, helping to lubricate the cutting process; swell keratin; and desensitize the skin. Ingredients for these shaving aids commonly consist of an emulsion of oils, soaps or surfactants and water. But shaving cream can contain up to 10 carcinogenic chemicals And they can affect your liver too. We live in a dangerous chemical-ridden world, exposing ourselves to daily toxins. Some are known to contain cancer-causing agents, contribute to hormone imbalance, ...

By Jane Chitty with Comments Off on Should You Be Concerned About That Daily Shave, Guys?

The Fine Line Between Washing Your Hands Too Often & Not Washing Them Often Enough

Added October 13, 2016, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Environment, Health

When I looked after young children in a school situation, I always encouraged them to wash their hands with soap and warm water after using the bathroom and of course before sitting down to eat.  It is what you do to instill good habits and becomes part of the daily school routine. It also helps to avoid passing sniffles and tummy bug germs from one child to the other.  And this was long before the days of antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers. ...


The Top Ten Reasons Why Being Owned By A Cat Is Good For Your Health!

Added October 11, 2016, Under: Diseases

Are you a cat lover?  Most people have strong feelings on the subject of cats - they either really love cats or they really dislike them. But that's alright because probably only those who do enjoy cats (including big wild cats) will be reading this post! Social media has spawned a daily supply of cat memes, cat jokes and cute cat videos so there must be a huge demand for these. But have you ever thought that a cat comes with health benefits? Here ...


Porridge is Comfort & Cosiness Together in a Bowl

Added October 5, 2016, Under: Children's Health, How To, Nutrition

My favorite way to make porridge is to put the oats into a small milk saucepan first thing, cover with boiling water and stir with a wooden spoon once or twice and then leave it until it is time for breakfast. Then you can turn on the gas or electricity and cook it through with some added milk and a shake of natural salt.  Serve with maple syrup for some healthy sweetness. For additional richness, add some double cream! A bowl of ...

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