Sand? An Important Construction Commodity or a Vital Environmental Issue?

Added November 28, 2016, Under: Environment, Technology

Most of us are totally unaware of how much "sand" is used worldwide annually and how the mining and extraction of sand has such a tremendous effect on our environment. Even worse is that the issue has mostly been ignored by governments and their policy makers.  There is a huge discrepancy between how big the problem really is and the public's awareness. And yet as children, we grow up with a love of sand whether it be on the beach during seaside ...


When an Unplanned Accident Puts You in Hospital

Added November 23, 2016, Under: Doctors, Drugs, Health, How To

Every day many people are involved in sudden accidents and incidents where they land up in hospital.  Is there anything you can do to make life easier for yourself when this happens? How I ended up in hospital I write from personal experience when just over a month ago, I was out in the countryside (getting my 30 minutes of exercise) when I walked onto a concealed "straight down" twelve inch hole in the grass path. I got such a shock because ...


Banish that Dry Skin Whatever Time of the Year

Added November 21, 2016, Under: Environment, How To, Skin Conditions, Top 10

Our skin is our body’s largest organ with the protective outer layer acting as a barrier against the environment. And our skin does such a good job that we take it for granted unless something starts to go wrong. For many, dry skin is not a sign of a skin condition or disease, but could be just the result of harsh soaps, itchy clothing, too much exposure to central heating or air conditioning, long, hot showers or baths - and of ...


Are You Still Not Getting Enough Sleep Every Night?

Added November 13, 2016, Under: Health, How To

One of the most important lifestyle choices we can make is to ensure we are getting enough sleep - every night. And yet, The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) have conducted surveys revealing that at least forty million Americans suffer from over seventy different sleep disorders. They also tell us that 60% of adults and 69% of children experience one or more sleep problems a few nights or more during a week. And there is more... In addition, more than 40% of adults experience daytime sleepiness ...


Ginger Is a Natural Remedy for Those Below Par Days!

Added November 11, 2016, Under: Children's Health, Health, How To

Always easily available and inexpensive to buy, fresh ginger root is an essential spice to keep in the home for a number of reasons. We share several ways in which ginger can be used for the benefit of your health... Ginger Wraps One is "Ginger Wraps" which can be very helpful for seasonal coughs and congestion instead of resorting to commercial cough syrup with their ingredients of dextromethorphan and codeine. Along with honey, ginger will provide a natural solution for that persistent ...


Take Comfort With These Cosy Choices From Around The World

Added November 8, 2016, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health, How To

In recent weeks, there has been much written about the Danish comfort habit of hygge - especially as winter appears in the Northern hemisphere. Every lifestyle and decor magazine article is encouraging us to explore the different aspects of this Danish ritual. Starting with more information on hygge, here are three from Scandinavia... Hygge from Denmark Hygge is pronounced as hoo-ga and is all about having a feeling of cosy intimacy and contentment and finding deeper meaning within ordinary life.  The Danes have to endure long, ...


Pregnancy & A Newly Discovered Benefit That Comes With Breastfeeding

Added November 7, 2016, Under: Babies, Children's Health, New Moms, Parents, Pregnancy

Recent research has highlighted a wonderful component of breast milk which perhaps no one suspected in the past. A mother's milk can change its make-up to suit the baby's requirements at a specific time of need. How does this work? When the baby drinks from the breast, a vacuum is created through which the baby's saliva can make its way into the mother's nipple.  It is believed that the mammary gland receptors interpret the saliva for signs of  bacteria and viruses and, if ...


Old Fashioned Light Bulbs & The Good News On The Horizon

Added October 31, 2016, Under: Environment, Health, Technology

Isn't it strange how, time and time again, we go back to the older and original ways of doing things? Now it is the turn of the humble light bulb. A few years ago, we were all persuaded to ditch the incandescent light bulbs because they were wasteful of energy with a short life span. In came the really ugly-looking energy-saving bulbs which had the bright strident light beam.  They were expensive but long lasting and we were told they were better ...


Should You Be Concerned About That Daily Shave, Guys?

Added October 21, 2016, Under: Headaches & Migraines, Inflammation, Men's Health, Skin Conditions

Shaving cream, shaving foam or shaving gel is applied to the face, or wherever else hair grows, helping to lubricate the cutting process; swell keratin; and desensitize the skin. Ingredients for these shaving aids commonly consist of an emulsion of oils, soaps or surfactants and water. But shaving cream can contain up to 10 carcinogenic chemicals And they can affect your liver too. We live in a dangerous chemical-ridden world, exposing ourselves to daily toxins. Some are known to contain cancer-causing agents, contribute to hormone imbalance, ...

By Jane Chitty with Comments Off on Should You Be Concerned About That Daily Shave, Guys?

The Fine Line Between Washing Your Hands Too Often & Not Washing Them Often Enough

Added October 13, 2016, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Environment, Health

When I looked after young children in a school situation, I always encouraged them to wash their hands with soap and warm water after using the bathroom and of course before sitting down to eat.  It is what you do to instill good habits and becomes part of the daily school routine. It also helps to avoid passing sniffles and tummy bug germs from one child to the other.  And this was long before the days of antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers. ...

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