The Healthy Way to Bake & Eat Banana Bread!

Added January 28, 2017, Under: Diets, How To, Nutrition

Looking for a healthy banana bread which is minus both the gluten and the white processed sugar, then this might be your solution?  Oats are used in place of wheat flour. Just be aware, in case it is relevant, that many oats are manufactured in facilities that also handle wheat, and some people with gluten intolerance also cannot tolerate avenin, the protein in oats. I have made this banana bread myself and it was delicious... These are the ingredients 3 medium very ripe ...


Natural Remedies for Young Babies Who Cry from Colic

Added January 25, 2017, Under: Babies, Children's Health, How To, New Moms, Parents

Moms and dads find it really hard and frustrating when their young baby is constantly fussing and crying. They wonder if they are doing something wrong when all the time it could be something as simple (or as complicated) as colic. Acupuncture for babies Although met with scepticism, research from Sweden has claimed that babies with colic may cry less if they are treated with acupuncture.   The recent study has been published in the British Medical Journal Acupuncture in Medicine. The study ...


Make All Round Laundry Savings With These Wool Dryer Balls

Added January 23, 2017, Under: Environment, How To, Skin Conditions

Here is something new to try, saving on your electricity and dryer use as well as reducing static and making your clothes softer. Try these felted wool dryer balls as a safe and natural addition to your laundry process.  As the felted wool gently rubs against your clothing fibers, it softens clothes naturally while separating clothes. Many consumers are happy to use dryer sheets. Unfortunately, these are toxic. Dryer sheets are designed to stay on clothing for a long period of time and slowly release ...


Wrinkles & Do They Have a Future?

Added January 16, 2017, Under: How To, Skin Conditions, Technology

How do you feel about wrinkles?  Were you horrified when they started to appear or do you look upon them as a necessary part of growing older?  Would you make them less noticeable if you could? Wrinkles and the global anti-aging beauty market is big business with an annual value of over one hundred billion dollars which says a lot about how many people actually feel about the onset of wrinkles and other signs of aging. They want to get rid of ...


10 Tips to Wake Up Feeling Happy!

Added January 13, 2017, Under: Health, Top 10

Of course top of the list has to be a good night's sleep.  But that sometimes takes a bit of work and effort to achieve. Our top ten tips 1.  Try to relax more before bedtime so that you fall asleep more easily. Reading in bed with a natural candle burning safely on your nightstand is one way to relax.  We share how to choose safer, more natural candles in our earlier blog post.  Look for those candles that are made without ...


The Perils of Living Close to a Busy Highway

Added January 9, 2017, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Environment, Health

  For some years now, it has become obvious that the levels of air pollution close to highways, and other busy roads, are on the increase - dramatically. And health risks are top of the list of those perils According to the American Lung Association, almost 50% of USA citizens are subjected to unhealthy air - laden with one or more criteria air pollutants. A major source of this air pollution is the exhaust from the tailpipes of trucks and cars. And this pollution ...


Suffering from Back Pain? News of a Unique Form of Treatment from Japan

Added January 4, 2017, Under: Arthritis, Health, How To

There is a unique back pain treatment in the news and it originated in Japan. Based on the same idea as swaddling a young baby, adults who suffer from (or who wish to prevent) back pain are flocking to a new form of therapy where they are tightly wrapped in large sheets of cloth for twenty minutes at a time. Known as Otonamaki (or adult wrapping) this practice has become popular. Back pain is surprisingly common and even factors like depression, anxiety or ...

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