Osteoporosis & How to Prevent or Even Reverse This Condition

Added March 30, 2017, Under: Diseases, Environment, How To, Vitamin D

This partly inherited condition is feared by many women (and less often by men) as they grow older - but the good news is that early lifestyle choices and changes can make a difference, even slowing down bone loss after it has been diagnosed. Osteoporosis is a bone disease and the word means porous bones. Decreased bone strength comes as a result of both reduced bone quantity and quality.  If you have osteoporosis, you have an increased risk of bone fractures. What ...


Skin Creams with Paraffin can have Hidden Dangers

Added March 29, 2017, Under: Skin Conditions

A recent media report has reported that those commercial skin creams containing paraffin - and used to treat skin conditions  such as eczema and psoriasis - have been linked to fire-related deaths. How could this happen? Both the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (or MHRA) and the London Fire Brigade have been issuing warnings over several years, saying that a paraffin residue from such products can soak into pyjamas and bedding - making it flammable. The fire risks increase if the clothing ...


Are There Advantages for Males in Having a Hot Bath?

Added March 28, 2017, Under: Diseases

I would guess that most men rarely consider having a bath, preferring instead to take that daily shower.  But now new research by Dr Steve Faulkner (research associate in exercise physiology at Loughborough University) has revealed the benefits of passive heating from having a hot bath - including how it can be as good for you as exercise. Passive heating is the complete opposite of getting hot and sweaty from regular exercise. A hot bath can reduce chronic inflammation and high blood ...


Children More Likely to Eat Fruit & Veggies if They Grow Their Own

Added March 23, 2017, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Exercise, How To, Parents

With spring time in the northern hemisphere once more, it is time to turn our thoughts to the outdoors, the garden and encouraging our children to help us grow our own food in the months ahead. The younger we start to give our children the opportunity to discover the delights of sowing, harvesting and eating their own produce, the better - and the more likely they are to enjoy fruit and veggies in their daily diet! How to create a child friendly ...


The Plastic Bottle Addiction That is Ruining Our Oceans

Added March 21, 2017, Under: Environment, Technology

There are estimated to be five trillion pieces of plastic polluting our seas of which a sizeable proportion is made up of bottles and tops designed to be used just once - and thrown away.  Something has to change - and drastically. And the latest fear is that a plastic island is now being formed in the Arctic. Just one standard PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle can take hundreds of years to degrade, breaking down into ever smaller fragements while absorbing harmful chemicals ...


Is There Any Link Between Too Much Sleep & Alzheimer’s?

Added March 16, 2017, Under: Health, Insomnia, Vitamin D

Many of us worry about suffering from insomnia and being sleep deprived.  But the opposite could be true.  What if we find that we, or someone we care about, is having too much sleep.  What if someone regularly sleeps for more than nine hours at night? We worry about not getting enough sleep but, with five million diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the USA alone, the thought of developing Alzheimer's is becoming of much greater concern. Could this be an early sign of ...


The Pitfalls of Hormone Changes in All Age Groups of Women

Added March 15, 2017, Under: Exercise, Headaches & Migraines, How To, Insomnia, Skin Conditions, Women's Health

  The hormonal changes that lead to hot flushes and night sweats in menopause are often treated, by those who don't have them, as a subject for jokes but, if you do suffer from them, they can be far from funny. Hormones have always been an unpredictable force in many women's lives, impacting on their happiness. But there is no need to just grin and bear it as we are going to share some of the natural ways in which you can ...


Look Forward to Lovely Lavender Lemonade in the Summer Months Ahead!

Added March 9, 2017, Under: Headaches & Migraines

Now that it is spring in the Northern hemisphere, we begin to look forward to the warmer, sunnier months of the year. And what could be more inspiring than thinking about making a healthy, natural summer drink. If you and your family would like to enjoy the health benefits of lavender lemonade, here is what you will need: Ingredients 1 cup raw honey 5 cups pure water Just a single drop of our own Lavender Essential Oil  6 fresh lemons that have been peeled and juiced Lavender sprigs ...


Heated Swimming Pools & Something That Might Surprise You

Added March 8, 2017, Under: Diseases, Environment, Exercise, Health

Canadian researchers have worked out a way to test just how much urine can be found in a swimming pool, and they have concluded that pool water can contain up to 0.01% urine. How much is that in actual figures? The same researchers estimate that an 833,000 liter (220,000 gallon) pool could contain about 75 liters of urine (20 gallons) on average or a smaller 416,000 litre (110,000 gallon) pool was estimated to contain 30 litres (8 gallons) and they used public, private and ...

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