Five Top Tips to Help Your Neck to Become Firmer & Younger Looking

Added July 27, 2017, Under: Diseases

Most mature women will be the first to admit that the neck can provide a tell tale sign that you are getting older.  It will often seem that this area becomes more damaged and with a less wrinkle-free appearance than other areas. But there is help at hand. We share several ways to turn back the clock to help your neck to become firmer and younger looking...  Watch your posture Remember that poor posture can make you look older.  Avoid slouching and avoid working ...


The Top Ten Tips on How to be Less Addicted to Your Smart Phone

Added July 21, 2017, Under: Health, Insomnia, Technology, Top 10

Here in the UK, there is increased concern about the growing addiction of all ages to their smart phones. And yes, it is not only the young. A popular BBC family show called The One Show followed a family with mother, father and two teens for several days to monitor their smart phone use. It found that over a weekend, the family were on their smart phones for a grand total of thirty hours. For example on the Sunday, the teenage son ...


Grinding Your Teeth Can Be A Symptom Of Stress In Your Life

Added July 17, 2017, Under: Dental Care, Headaches & Migraines

Did you know that the habit of grinding your teeth during your sleep has a name? The condition is called bruxism. And most people are unaware that they do it - perhaps until the damage is done. The signs and symptoms of teeth grinding A dull, constant headache, a sore jaw, painful gums or sensitive teeth. You may catch yourself in the act or wake to the sound of grinding teeth. Noticing extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or feel pain when brushing teeth. The appearance ...


Natural Formulas & How They Can Help Sportsmen to Keep Fit and Well

Added July 15, 2017, Under: Exercise, Health, Weight Loss

If you are a runner, a cyclist or other type of sportsmen where you spend a lot of time being physical and wearing specialist shoes, essential oils can be invaluable for you. Natural Formulas can be powerful healing agents. They are created using the finest homeopathic and natural essential oils. The oils are extracted directly from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree - depending on the type of essential oil.  That oil is then distilled to ...


Are All Those Artificial Fragrances Getting Up Your Nose?

Added July 10, 2017, Under: Environment, Headaches & Migraines, Health

It has been many years since we have written about artificial fragrances. Time for an update! Do you suffer from frequent headaches, allergies and stomach problems? Millions live with chronic pain and discomfort of different symptoms, often being dependent on medications to get through the day. Your doctor may never have told you that your mystery symptoms may be as simple as a reaction to all the chemicals in your home. Yes, perfumes and other artificial fragrances trigger migraines, sinus issues, respiratory problems, rashes, ...


Top Tips For Living With Less Plastic In Our Lives

Added July 6, 2017, Under: Environment, How To, Top 10

It should have become very obvious to most of us that the world's dependence on plastic is not doing us or the environment any favors. And it is well past the time when we need to live with less plastic. The environment is suffering... While we all know, on an intellectual level, that plastic is harming the environment, it has become so prolific in our lives that replacing it can be tough. If you feel that that you would like to live with ...

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