The Chemicals in Fire Retardants could be Affecting Fertility

Added August 31, 2017, Under: Men's Health, Technology, Women's Health

Flame retardant material was first developed decades ago for space clothing for NASA and then became popular in the Vietnam War for flammable materials in the USA helicopters. Unfortunately, the invention went on to being used for many fabrics for items such as sleepwear, undergarments, pillows, bedding, mattresses, upholstery and more. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) pushed for its inclusion in virtually anything that could burn. But at what cost to the people using them? What are flame retardants made with? Some flame retardants ...


Avoid These Eating Habits That Can Lead To Bloating & Indigestion

Added August 26, 2017, Under: Health, Nutrition, Women's Health

That bloated feeling has become a common problem especially among women. You might consider that you are eating healthily - and not too much - and yet, the bloating can still occur. Often the discomfort can be accompanied by lower back pain.  An extreme form of bloating is known as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. The answer could be all about digestion and these three reasons could help you. Number 1 could be drinking lots of water with your meal We know it is very ...


Coffee Drinkers & Why You Should Never Just Throw Away Those Coffee Grounds

Added August 24, 2017, Under: How To

Are you an avid coffee drinker?  Do you just throw away those used coffee grounds without a second thought? Making your own freshly ground coffee instead of using coffee pods is safer for the environment. I am not a coffee drinker myself but when I have grounds after visitors, I always give the grounds to my three blueberry patio bushes and they must like them because they give us a bumper harvest every summer. There are lots of other uses for coffee grounds Here ...


Psoriasis & Getting Your Gut Health On Track

Added August 17, 2017, Under: Environment, Inflammation, Natural remedies, Skin Conditions

Nearly all skin conditions can have their roots traced to the health of the gut. And of course this includes psoriasis. What is psoriasis? There are four types of psoriasis: Plaque psoriasis is the most common with raised red patches and build up of dead skin or scales known as plaques.  These usually occur on the knees, elbows or scalp with itchy and painful symptoms that can crack and bleed. Pustular psoriasis is a rare form of psoriasis characterized by small pustules (whitehead-like lesions) that ...


You CAN Get Back To Sleep Again With These Natural Remedies

Added August 15, 2017, Under: Insomnia, Women's Health

It is a well known phenomenon that men find it easier to fall asleep - and to stay asleep - than women do. And the difference becomes more marked as we grow older. We also know that sleep is vital to allow the body to rest and get ready for the next day. Sleep also helps us to recover from illnesses and deal with mental health, stress and problem solving. Why do men sleep more easily than women? Research is ongoing so we don't ...


Five Healing Help Tips from Our Pinterest Followers

Added August 12, 2017, Under: Children's Health, Health, How To, Natural remedies

We have a ~Healing Help~ board on our Healing Natural Oils Pinterest social media account where we invite "Pinners" to contribute their favorite natural and healing pins to be shared with others... It is chock-a-block full with interesting ideas. Here are five of them... Homemade ice pack Add one part of rubbing alcohol to three parts water and place in a strong zip lock plastic bag for an instant ice pack.  You will find it gets really cold in the fridge/freezer but never hardens, making ...


Could a Change of Diet Improve Your Hearing Loss?

Added August 9, 2017, Under: Health, Technology

It is estimated that, worldwide, 360 million people have moderate to severe hearing loss. Apart from aging, causes can include noise, infections or the use  of certain pharmaceutical and other drugs. There is no escaping  the fact that, as we grow older, our hearing can be affected to a greater or lesser degree. It is understood that it is your brain's ability to provide proper feedback to your ear, by filtering out unwanted information, that actually declines when you reach your 40s ...


Adding More Fish to Your Diet Can Reduce Arthritis Pain

Added August 6, 2017, Under: Arthritis, Diets, Inflammation

  Dr Sara Tedeschi (who led the research at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston) says: "Fish consumption has been noted to have many beneficial health effects, and our findings may give patients with rheumatoid arthritis a strong reason to increase consumption." She goes on to say: "If our finding holds up in other studies, it suggests that fish consumption may lower inflammation related to rhumatoid arthritis disease." But there are other natural ways to reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis Of course ...


Can Beer Be Good For Your Gut Health?

Added August 1, 2017, Under: Diets, Environment

Well, not quite yet... But researchers in Singapore have now brewed a beer that is rich in probiotic bacteria that is said will improve gut health and even boost the immune system. One of the scientists, Alcine Chan (a food researcher), experimented for almost a year with a recipe of malt, alcohol, hops - and a strain of probiotic bacteria - until she was happy with her formula. She says: "The hops are the main ingredient but they kill off probiotics so we ...

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