The Tip Tapping Typewriter Is Right Back On Trend!

Added October 29, 2017, Under: Technology

The actor Tom Hanks has an unusual hobby - he loves collecting old typewriters. He has put this love to good use by writing and publishing his first book titled "Uncommon Type" which is a collection of short stories - each one featuring a typewriter. There is even a recent documentary on typewriters called "California Typewriter" which is a nearly two hour reflection on the tactile and emotional attachment typewriter owners have to their beloved machines, whether they are creating on them, lovingly repairing ...


Please Don’t Tell Older People To Take It Easy!

Added October 27, 2017, Under: Exercise, Health

It may seem like common sense but why would you tell people to take it easy as they grow older? Surely, they should be encouraged as much as possible to keep going, to keep active and to enjoy life to the full. According to "experts in aging" in the UK, letting and even encouraging older people to take it easy is damaging their health - and costing the UK billions in social and health care.  The experts argue that the effects of ...


Have You Ever Enjoyed Baked Sweet Potatoes?

Added October 21, 2017, Under: Health, How To, Nutrition

We have written about sweet potatoes before but here are an extra couple of facts to know about this healthy food... Fact 1 A rich source of vitamin C, sweet potato also helps to increase the body's absorption of iron.  Ideally, serve sweet potato with dark leafy greens such as spinach. Fact 2 Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A.  This is an essential vitamin for healthy eyesight and good immune function. Baked potatoes or potatoes-in-their-jackets are a very popular dish - especially here in ...


Is Male Fertility At Risk?

Added October 19, 2017, Under: Environment, Men's Health

According to research, male fertility rates in the Western world have fallen by over fifty per cent in the past forty years. In actual figures, this decline has gone from an average of 99 million sperm per milliliter to 47 million. Apparently those scientists carrying out the research have been especially concerned because the trend in those figures shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, previous studies suggest that once the sperm count dips below that 40 million mark, those male fertility ...


Acrochordons is the Official Name for Unsightly Skin Tags

Added October 17, 2017, Under: Natural remedies, Skin Conditions

Have you found one or more of those soft and fleshy growths that often hang off the skin? The medical term is Acrochordons but the good news is that they are benign and rarely cause any pain or discomfort. Nevertheless, you may well want to get rid of them. Commonly appearing on the folds of the skin where moisture and friction occur -  including under arms and in the armpit region, on the neck, under the breast, near the genitals, on the eyelids ...


Going into Hospital for an Operation? How to Stay Fit & Healthy

Added October 12, 2017, Under: Health, How To, Inflammation, Vitamin D

Sometimes an operation is necessary as a result of an accident and then there is no chance to prepare. But many do have advance notice, affording them the chance to take some helpful steps in preparation. No one wants to be in hospital in the first place and everyone wants to prevent any mishaps while in there. Some points to remember Your medical team will give you a set of instructions to follow and your surgeon should outline the procedure but it does not ...


Dispatches from St. Croix, USA Virgin Islands, after Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Added October 9, 2017, Under: Environment

I have a good friend who moved to St Croix from the United States mainland a few years ago.  After surviving the first hurricane Irma reasonably well, I have been concerned about how she has been faring following the second and much more severe second hurricane - Maria.  Now at last, she has been in touch and this is what she had to say Here I am - at least for the moment. My generator, along with everyone else who had paid less than ...


How They Keep Fit in France!

Added October 7, 2017, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health

After a recent holiday on the waterways in France, I have decided that the French nation appears to be a very fit one. And one of the ways you can definitely keep fit in France is to work as a lock keeper! There are many lock keepers employed in France Between March and the end of October each year, the canals and waterways are open for business for thousands of holiday makers going up and down in their own boats or ones hired ...

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