Our Allotment Meadow Garden is for the Bees, the Butterflies and More

Added July 29, 2018, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health

Having a wilder type of garden and letting some of the weeds grow is good for bees and other wildlife. There are so many bee species from bumblebees to solitary bees - in addition to our much loved honey bees - and they all need our help. Each one has a different flower or nesting preference, making every one unique.  Many of our crops and wildflowers are reliant on insect pollination. What we did on the allotment meadow garden A couple of years ago, ...


Homes Should Not Be Just For People, But For Nature Too!

Added July 22, 2018, Under: Environment, How To, Technology

Here in the UK, I am involved in a local Community Land Trust which does its best to build houses for local people (at a reasonable rent) who could not otherwise afford to live in the area - they don't earn enough. Like many places, there is a shortage here of affordable housing and so the Government constantly encourages housing associations and developers to build more - but this is often at the cost of losing local farm land or even ...


Find Out Why Your Hair Needs Vitamins Too!

Added July 19, 2018, Under: How To, Natural remedies, Nutrition

  In much the same way as we care or should care for our skin, so we need to think about our hair and whether we are giving our crowning glory the TLC it needs and even craves? Adding these vitamins to your diet improves your hair but it can also help to prevent hair loss too. How to thicken your hair in a natural way Fish Oil This oil rich in fatty acids will help to nourish the hair, support hair thickening and even ...


Is the Famous Baobab Tree Under Threat from Climate Change?

Added July 15, 2018, Under: Environment

If you have ever lived in, worked in or visited Southern Africa, you may well have come across the iconic Baobab Tree. An old African legend tells a story that a mighty god had a baobab growing in his garden but he grew annoyed with the baobab arrogantly displaying its beautiful foliage - and flung it from paradise to the earth below. It landed upside down, with its roots jutting into the sky and its beautiful foliage buried beneath the ochre earth. ...


Both Parents & Children Are Having To Face These Modern Addictions

Added July 12, 2018, Under: Children's Health, Health, Technology

Can it only be some ten years since the appearance of the smart phone and yet, a USA study found that 40% of mothers and 32% of fathers admitted to some form of phone addition. They have the constant urge to check messages, they think about incoming calls or texts frequently and with some admitting that they feel they use their phones too much. One of the downsides, according to the study from the University of Michigan and Illinois State University, is ...


The Borage Flower Refills With Nectar Every Two Minutes!

Added July 10, 2018, Under: Environment, How To, Natural remedies

Borage (or Borago officinalis), and also known as a starflower, is an annual herb that is native to the Mediterranean region but has naturalized in many other areas. While both the leaves and the flowers are edible, and the plant is grown in many gardens for that reason, some sources will tell you that the leaves can only be eaten when they are young. But once grown larger,  they produce edible, starry blue flowers that attract bees in their droves. These are some of the interesting borage facts ...


Fatherhood & The Reasons Why Fathers Stick Around

Added July 5, 2018, Under: Books, Men's Health, Parents

I recently read a very interesting article on fatherhood and how today, fathers are so much more involved in the upbringing of their children right from conception, through pregnancy, labor and of course beyond. And yet, in spite of this, it is the mother who is given all the support and counselling should anything go wrong - while the father is not. After her own child was born, Dr Anna Machin decided to investigate the science behind fatherhood (which took her some ...


Ten Top Tips for Keeping Your Pet Happy & Healthy

Added July 2, 2018, Under: Guides, Top 10

Having a pet in the family is very important for many but it comes with commitment and responsibility. We share some of the ways in which your pets can live happy, healthy and contented lives - with their owners. 1.  Grooming and Brushing.  If you have a long haired cat, it should be groomed daily but make sure your cat is relaxed and happy before you start.  With dogs, they should be groomed regularly while those with longer coats needing more frequent ...


Gooseberries Have No Connection With Geese

Added July 1, 2018, Under: Diets, Nutrition

The UK's climate (most of the time) is perfectly designed to produce gooseberries - both the tart, green cooking gooseberries and the sweeter red varieties which appear a bit later. Although classified as cookers, the green gooseberries can still be delicious to eat raw if you have those type of taste buds that enjoy something that is a bit tart.  I grew up enjoying British candies such as sherbert lemons and pear drops while I love my very lemony tea to ...

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