How To Handle The Stooping That Can Come With Age

Added October 30, 2018, Under: Exercise, How To, Nutrition, Women's Health

Many people (and especially women) experience that hump at the back of the neck as they age - and it can be more prominent the older they become, even leading to an obvious stoop. If this is something that is affecting you, don't despair as there are simple exercises and lifestyle changes you can do to lessen the effects of this condition (often known as dowager’s hump).  It is also known as a buffalo hump. A word of caution But be aware that ...


The Ancient Site of Stonehenge Is As Inspiring As Ever

Added October 29, 2018, Under: Environment, Guides

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK, is celebrating one hundred years since it was gifted to the nation. It is one of the best known Unesco World Heritage sites - and is just an hour's drive down the road from where I live.  I often drive past and it never fails to impress. How was Stonehenge gifted to the UK? In 1915, a lawyer called Cecil Chubb went to an auction sale to buy some furniture but left as the proud owner of Stonehenge after ...


A Free Gift For You Direct From The Annual Fall

Added October 24, 2018, Under: Environment, How To

We all love the varied colors of the trees in the Fall but not everyone loves the autumn leaves that come tumbling down as a result. Out come the noisy leaf blowers as a way to get rid of this so-called seasonal nuisance.  Of course, all these leaves do fill the gutters, block the drains, smother lawns, litter pathways and gravel areas and do have to be cleared before they become slippery and a danger to pedestrians. But please don't just discard ...


Misophonia is a Sensitivity to Sound Condition

Added October 22, 2018, Under: Diseases, Doctors, Drugs, Health

Have you heard of the word Misophonia? It is a condition described as "sound sensitivity syndrome" and the word (meaning literally hatred of sound) was first proposed in 2000 as a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds. More on misophonia Misophonia is a condition in which normal, everyday noises cause extreme emotional and even physical distress. People with this condition live with considerable stress, constantly worrying about  experiencing offensive sounds - they often become socially isolated ...


Everyone Needs To Get Outdoors For Their Mental Health & Wellbeing

Added October 18, 2018, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health, Vitamin D

One of my favorite TV programs here in the UK is Gardeners' World - and one of the presenters is Mark Lane who is confined to a wheelchair after an unsuccessful back operation followed by a road accident some years ago.  He is both a garden designer and a TV presenter - all done from a wheelchair. He is the first to admit that being able to garden was his saving grace from sinking into depression at the time of his ...


Isn’t It Time For These Traditional Pet Practices To Change?

Added October 15, 2018, Under: Health, Pets

Many of us have grown up used to seeing certain breeds of dogs having their tails docked when they are young puppies - and perhaps not giving the practice of tail docking a second thought. But there are other practices which have become fashionable and these include: Ear cropping Debarking and Cat declawing Tail docking Those who are against this practice will be quick to tell you that there is no good reason for non-therapeutic tail docking in dogs, pointing out that a puppy's ...


Top Ten Tips For Treating Those Tiresome Headaches

Added October 11, 2018, Under: Headaches & Migraines, Top 10

No one wants the pain and discomfort of a headache. But instead of automatically reaching for the pharmaceutical pain meds, how about trying one or more of these more natural remedies? Headaches are amazingly common, affecting eighty to ninety per cent of the population at some time in their lives. There are many different categories of headaches - each with their own set of characteristics.  But whatever their type, we know that we want to get rid of them. We share at least ten ...


The Top Ten Benefits of Taking up Horse Riding

Added October 7, 2018, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Exercise, Top 10, Vitamin D

Whether you are adult or child, if you get the chance of taking up horse riding, there are so many benefits for your health and wellbeing. Horses are probably our oldest form of transport.  Before the age of the automobile, people used horses to get around with nearly everyone being taught to care for and ride a horse. Today, it is a recreational past-time or sport - and certainly not cheap. But where there are many obvious health benefits to riding, including strong ...


Artificial Grass Versus The Real Thing

Added October 4, 2018, Under: Children's Health, Environment

With the growing trend for installing artificial grass in gardens, and artificial or astro turf as a playing surface for various sports, you might be wondering if this is a progressive step in the right direction. Or could it be the cause of yet another set of toxins for us all to deal with? Let's see if we can throw a little light on the subject... How is artificial turf made? Artificial turf is made up of three major parts: Backing material that provides ...

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