Could This Exclamation “I’m Dying of Thirst” be Closer to the Truth than We Realize? |

Added July 8, 2009, Under: Environment, Health

Many of us know that we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water every day. But it can be hard work to do this.  In fact, we might actually need to drink even more water than this, because today we are exposed to so many more toxins and chemicals that for our bodies to be able to detox (to flush out the toxins that make their way in) we have to drink more water than the minimum level. The more we ...


How To Weave Some Magic For Your Young Child |

Added August 27, 2010, Under: Children's Health, Environment, New Moms, Parents

If you are a new parent, you may be feeling weighed down with the responsibility of parenthood and wondering what you need to do to ensure a healthy balanced child? As a mother and grandmother myself, I always feel that there are 3 things that if you can bring your child up to enjoy then half the battle is won. They are like 3 magic ingredients and the great part about them is that they are easily available, inexpensive and parents ...

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