Just Some of the Hundreds of Healing Ways of Coconut Oil

Added September 13, 2016, Under: Dental Care, Pregnancy, Skin Conditions, Vitamin D

With such a rise in the popularity of coconut oil and other coconut products, are we not going to run out of the raw material? Along with the very special coconut oil, products include coconut butter, coconut shreds, coconut water, coconut milk and cream, coconut flour and more. We consider it to be one of the healthiest oils in the world! And one of the reasons for this is that the flesh of the coconut is very high in healthy fatty acids. While ...


Is Daily Flossing Your Teeth Providing Any Benefits?

Added August 17, 2016, Under: Dental Care, Diseases, How To, Parents

You probably thought that the concept of flossing your teeth was a recent innovation but no, it was first thought up as long ago as the late 1800s. Today, it is a hugely successful dental product that is sold around the world, with a projected sales figure for 2017 of almost two billion dollars. But how important is it to floss our teeth and have we been sold something that we actually do not need? What does research tell us about any ...


Coconut Oil & How It Can Care for Your Teeth

Added May 30, 2016, Under: Dental Care

Many of us will think of coconut oil as a useful good fat, and especially in baking, while others are starting to learn about the numerous health benefits when consumed. But you might not be aware that coconut oil can be a wonderful tool in caring for our teeth and gums. Time to think again! Coconut oil can actually take the place of two dental care staples – commercial toothpaste and mouthwash. And this is primarily because it has now been proven that coconut ...


Should Packaging Deter Poor Lifestyle Choices?

Added May 9, 2016, Under: Children's Health, Dental Care, Health

On the 20 May 2016, there are to be new regulations in Europe regarding the packaging of cigarettes. This means that the appearance of all cigarettes and hand rolling packs will be standardised: including the material, size, shape and opening; the colour of packaging and cigarettes; as well as the font, colour and size.  In addition, the pictures of health warnings are required to cover the top 65% of the front and back of cigarette packages. There is a one year transitional ...


Reversing Receding Gums With These Natural Remedies

Added April 27, 2016, Under: Dental Care, Diseases, How To, Inflammation

No one wants to suffer from receding gums. They can look unattractive, they can provide a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria and they can even lead to pain and sensitivity. If you do not contain receding gums, the roots of teeth may become exposed and painful, making your teeth extremely sensitive. Not only this, due to the damage caused to the supporting tissue and bone structures of teeth, it is possible that a tooth or teeth could even be lost. The ...


Why Do So Many Bite Their Nails?

Added March 29, 2016, Under: Dental Care, Health, How To

Nail biting is an unfortunate habit that is surprisingly widespread with a high percentage of people of all ages falling into this lifestyle choice. Estimates suggest that 30% of children, 45% of teenagers, 25% of young adults and 5% of older adults bite their nails. Although nail biting becomes less common after the age of 18, it can and often does continue into adulthood. Many adults and children are often unaware they are biting their nails because doing so has become ...


Teething Egg – Does An Egg In An Old Sock Actually Work For Teething?

Added December 22, 2015, Under: Babies, Children's Health, Dental Care, How To, New Moms, Parents

Old wives were renowned for all types of tales but many were those for parents (and of course mostly mothers) who were looking after their babies - especially when it applied to teething remedies. In fact, many natural teething remedies have been around for thousands of years. One of the strangest tales you can be told is that involving a raw egg (still in its shell) and a used sock belonging to the baby who is suffering from the teething pain and discomfort. If ...


Why Do We Get Those Painful Mouth Ulcers?

Added November 28, 2015, Under: Children's Health, Dental Care, Health, How To, Inflammation

Minor mouth ulcers will usually clear up quickly and could be caused by accidentally biting the inside of your cheek while eating or from a sharp tooth or filling. However, it is those painful mouth ulcers that keep coming back to cause so much discomfort that are the main problem. Mouth ulcers can be genetic It is thought that many serious mouth ulcer conditions run in families – with a figure as high as 40%. But there are several triggers, those factors that set ...


Sugar Is Back In The News Again!

Added September 12, 2015, Under: Dental Care, Diets, Diseases, Health, Inflammation, Nutrition

And about time too… The various natural health sites have been warning of the dangers of high sugar consumption for years but it is only very recently that the mainstream media has started to agree.  The dangers of sugar have now been well publicized so that most are only too aware that they eat too much of this sweet poison.  But many are in denial and just do not want to cut down or cut out. Cutting down on sugar Should you try ...


Micro Beads, Their Harm To Our Health & The Environment

Added February 7, 2015, Under: Dental Care, Environment, Technology

Micro beads are tiny balls made from a material called polyethylene (and the most common plastic in the world) and is being used to make products such as bottles, grocery bags and trash cans. But they are not only used for packaging They are also included in items we put in our mouths and on our skin. Toothpastes, such as those manufactured by Crest and including Pro-Health and 3D White, contain these minute pieces of plastic and have done so for some years. ...

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