How To Get Rid of Those Unwanted Blackheads

Added April 6, 2020, Under: Diseases

Blackheads are a type of acne known as a comedo, a clogged hair follicle or pore in the skin.  If oil, dead skin cells or even bacteria end up blocking our pores, blackheads or whiteheads can result. And if that blocked pore fails to close up, the oxygen in the air oxidizes the oils, turning them dark brown or black. Blackheads are the result. If that blocked pore does close up, then the top of the bump appears as white - and is called a ...


Our Top Ten Tips on How To De-Stress in Your Bath Tub

Added March 31, 2020, Under: Diseases

One of the most relaxing ways to de-stress when you are suffering from anxiety is to settle down in a long, warm bath. We can suggest these top ten ways to help you relax even more once you are in your bath tub! You can bathe in green tea which is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties helping to soothe away the stress. Making your own natural bubble bath for another way to relax.  Combine 4 cups of water with 4 ...


Our Suggestions on How to Stay Safe

Added March 17, 2020, Under: Diseases, Health, How To, Top 10, Vitamin D

We are all concerned about the health and safety of our family and friends. We set out below our suggestions on how to stay safe. Of course prevention is better than cure but there is still much we can all do. Frequent washing of hands thoroughly with soap and water for twenty seconds is the most important habit you can get into - every time you come home, arrive at work or someone else's home etc.  And avoid touching your face or ...


Why an Alkaline Environment for Your Body is More Important than Ever

Added March 15, 2020, Under: Diseases, How To, Nutrition

According to the German Doctor of Chemistry and Medicine, Otto Warburg, "No disease can exist in an alkaline environment".  While many years have passed since Warburg’s publications and studies, his discoveries still hold true today. How is acidity measured? The pH scale ranges from 1 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline).  Our body's pH usually hovers between 7.35 and 7.4. Most of the foods consumed today are full of sugar, preservatives and genetically modified organisms.  These all contribute to acidity in the body. Meanwhile, the most ...


Blood Pressure does not have to be all about Beta Blockers

Added March 12, 2020, Under: Diseases, Health, Natural remedies

About one in three adults in the USA have high blood pressure. More than 90% of adults who survive into their 80s will have high blood pressure (also called hypertension) while some 50% will have developed it by the age of 60. The problem is that even if you have had normal or low blood pressure when younger, it can suddenly start to rise over the age of seventy - in spite of a healthy life style.  High blood pressure is ...


How To Keep Your Teeth White, Naturally

Added January 11, 2020, Under: Dental Care, Diseases, How To, Natural remedies, Top 10

We all want our teeth to look fresh and white without any discoloration or stains. But what can we do to achieve this without causing harm to our teeth and our mouths? While we might be tempted to use those whitening strips which are easily available, recent research has indicated that such teeth whitening methods can damage the tooth layer known as the dentin. This is the protein rich area that ensures the roots of our teeth stay bound to the gums. There ...


Could Your Beard Be Harboring Bugs!

Added December 26, 2019, Under: Diseases

There have been media headlines lately saying that "Men with Beards can Carry More Germs than Dogs". Apparently a new study has found that every sample of beard hair collected was crawling with bacteria with some 50% of that bacteria considered hazardous to human health.  And when the scientists collected and tested dog hair, they found a lower level of microbes than the samples of men's beard hair. How was the study conducted? Scientists initially wanted to determine if humans could pick up a ...


That Ducky Could Be Yucky

Added December 19, 2019, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Environment

Young children just love playing at bath time. What can be more fun than sitting in all that warmth with water and toys all around you to push, pull, pour and put underneath the surface - and plastic toys are often used for obvious reasons. Now someone has taken the trouble to cut one of those yellow plastic ducks in half! And apparently, it is not a pretty sight! Your children's bath toys could be infested with bacteria and fecal matter Young children just love playing ...


How Safe Are Your Make-Up Products from Superbugs?

Added December 9, 2019, Under: Diseases, Health, Natural remedies, Skin Conditions

The press have been feeding the fear once more! And what must  we all be fearful of now?  Well, the make-up products lying around in our bathrooms, our bedrooms and of course at the bottom of our handbags! According to a new study, our make-up bags are packed full of super bugs, posing a major threat to our health. We are at risk of skin infections, blood poisoning and potentially even death from these make-up products. And top of the list are beauty blenders. Why ...


Is Vitamin C the Solution for Sepsis?

Added October 7, 2019, Under: Diseases, Doctors, Inflammation

A shot of vitamin C could be a life-saving solution for those patients suffering from sepsis according to researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University in the US. They have discovered that intravenous vitamin C therapy reduced death rates in septic patients from 46% ( in the placebo group) to almost 30% (in the vitamin C group). What has the vitamin C research shown? The lead researcher Dr Alpha A Fowler says: "This therapy could potentially transform the way we care for sepsis patients." He adds: ...

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