A Daily Glass Of Lemon Water Can Give You All These Health Benefits

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Probably the most inexpensive drink you can make that comes with many health benefits. We are talking about lemon water. Lemons are available year-round with three main types on sale in the USA unless you are lucky enough to have lemon trees growing in your back yard.  Those three main types are Eureka, Lisbon and Meyer. Meyer lemons are a sweeter variety.  When buying lemons, choose those that are yellow and organic, remembering that lemons with thinner skins are juicier. Making lemon water is ...


How To Fight Those Sugar Cravings

Added February 21, 2019, Under: Diseases

We all know that having sugar in our diet does not do our health any favors. And yet, in spite of that knowledge, many of us still love sugar - and find it hard to give it up. Sugar is obviously very addictive. Cravings are driven by your brain's need for a "reward" — not your body's need for food. If you can have only one bite and stop there, indulging a little when you get a craving is absolutely fine. But if you tend ...


MTHFR Is Not Short For A Swearword!

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Instead, it is an abbreviation  for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. Yes, a big mouthful! MTHFR produces an essential enzyme. The acronym for the enzyme is also MTHFR. It’s worth knowing about this gene because it is said to play a key role in regard to many aspects of emotional and physical health. You can find out all about the background to this gene here. It is is said to provide the key for Methylation to occur, a metabolic process that switches genes on and off, repairs DNA and ...


Why You Should Beg, Borrow or Steal that Baby Tooth Back from the Tooth Fairy!

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Our children's baby teeth (like umbilical cords although less controversial) contain stem cells that can cure diseases and grow replacement tissue and bones in the body. If you can collect and store them, those baby teeth can potentially be used to treat diseases that might arise when your child gets older - or even for close family members with serious illness. Scientists and doctors alike are now suggesting parents keep their children’s baby teeth. If your child is diagnosed with certain types of cancer, the ...


Why You Should Let The Sunlight Into Your Home

Added January 19, 2019, Under: Diseases, Environment, Health, Vitamin D

If you have ever read any of my posts on the importance of vitamin D, you will know how much I believe in getting regular doses of sunlight as the main way to boost that "feel good" hormone. But now it seems that we need to let more sunlight into our homes too. A recent study has found that those rooms that receive lots of sunlight have: Half as many viable bacteria as dark rooms and Almost no respiratory-disease-causing bacteria How was the ...


The Benefits of a Foot Massage for Arthritis

Added January 17, 2019, Under: Diseases

  There are lots of different ways in which help is available to alleviate the pain and discomfort cause by arthritis. And massaging the feet is just one of them According to research shows that regular massage can help with arthritis symptoms by easing stiff muscles, increasing the range of movement and reducing pain.  A good massage can lower how much of the neurotransmitter substance P (which can increase sensations of pain) our bodies produce. Our feet have more nerve endings (per square inch) than any other part of the ...


These Top Six Benefits If You Walk Every Day!

Added December 30, 2018, Under: Diseases

If it is winter where you are - and perhaps you have been indulging in too much comfort food to keep the cold away, then now is the perfect time to get into a daily walking habit. Walking is the oldest and probably easiest form of human physical activity there is.  Of course, even if you progress to more ambitious types of activity, walking is a great place to start if you’re new to exercising or simply lacking motivation to be more ...


It’s Time For Children To Start Climbing Trees Again!

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There is great concern in the UK about the increasing number of obese and overweight children.  And of course it is no different in the USA. Type 2 diabetes in children and young people (which is a more aggressive form of the condition than in adults) has also risen sharply.  All the children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes were found to be overweight or obese. "In recent decades, countries such as the USA and UK have seen large increases in the number ...


Are You A Nail Biter? It Can Be A Dangerous Habit

Added November 10, 2018, Under: Diseases, Health, How To

Many of us get into the habit of chewing on our fingernails as children. But is it a bad thing? One man who had been a nail biter all his life, ended up with life-threatening sepsis. 57 year old grandfather, Ricky Kennedy of Scotland, had a close call with sepsis after a life-long habit of nail-biting suddenly caught up with him. Ricky had accidentally damaged his nail bed with nail-biting - and noticed a blister starting to form on his thumb. What at first ...


Misophonia is a Sensitivity to Sound Condition

Added October 22, 2018, Under: Diseases, Doctors, Drugs, Health

Have you heard of the word Misophonia? It is a condition described as "sound sensitivity syndrome" and the word (meaning literally hatred of sound) was first proposed in 2000 as a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds. More on misophonia Misophonia is a condition in which normal, everyday noises cause extreme emotional and even physical distress. People with this condition live with considerable stress, constantly worrying about  experiencing offensive sounds - they often become socially isolated ...

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