Could Composting be the Next Choice for End of Life?

Added March 12, 2020, Under: Environment, Technology

I am an avid believer in composting as much organic waste as possible - it greatly benefits the soil - and is often number one on the list of musts for keen gardeners. But is composting bodies after death a step too far? Washington recently became the first US state to legalise human composting while here in the UK, funeral directors are reporting a surge in requests for green burials and other more sustainable alternatives to burial and cremation. We have written about different forms ...


How to Have Health & Safety in the Bathroom

Added February 19, 2020, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Health, How To

Everyone has a bathroom and toilet in their home, and some will have several. But how many of us actually enjoy cleaning them? The suspicion is that we might try to avoid this chore if we can! How often should you clean certain items in your bathroom? Microbiologists Philip M. Tierno and Charles Gerba (both PhDs) have been sharing their own tips on how often we should be carrying out these cleaning chores.  They do admit that, even if we are less than conscientious, we are ...


Greener Cleaning in your Home

Added January 24, 2020, Under: Environment, How To, Natural remedies

You only have to take a trip down the aisle devoted to cleaning and laundry products in your local supermarket for your senses to be bombarded with the strong smell of chemicals. For those who are especially sensitive, such chemical smells can be almost too much to bear. There has to be a better, safer way to clean our laundry, our dishes and our homes but, until consumers start to complain and even switch to something different, the manufacturers are not going ...


Bars are no longer banished!

Added January 6, 2020, Under: Environment, Technology

It was not so long ago that bars of soap were looked down upon with disdain - and quickly replaced with plastic bottles containing liquid soap. In fact, just about everything you could imagine came in liquid format in a plastic bottle whether it was face wash, body wash, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, dish washer, laundry detergent and more. But now, the very good news is that all of these are now available in bars! What are the best things about using bars in ...


Dry Eyes & How to Cope With This Common Problem

Added December 22, 2019, Under: Environment, How To, Inflammation, Insomnia, Natural remedies

Do your eyes sting and burn? Do they look red? Do they feel gritty as if there is some sand lurking there? Then you may well be suffering from Dry Eye. Why do we get Dry Eye? The tears that appear in our eyes help to keep the surface of the eye smooth, comfortable and hydrated while washing away dust and debris - and protecting them from infection. When our eyes are healthy, they make tears all day long.  They stay moist.  They do not suffer ...


That Ducky Could Be Yucky

Added December 19, 2019, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Environment

Young children just love playing at bath time. What can be more fun than sitting in all that warmth with water and toys all around you to push, pull, pour and put underneath the surface - and plastic toys are often used for obvious reasons. Now someone has taken the trouble to cut one of those yellow plastic ducks in half! And apparently, it is not a pretty sight! Your children's bath toys could be infested with bacteria and fecal matter Young children just love playing ...


Bars of Soap are Back in Vogue!

Added November 23, 2019, Under: Environment, How To

In very recent years, the humble bar of soap has come back in fashion. It is now the "hand and body cleaner" of choice to those growing numbers of consumers who want to cut down or cut out their use of plastics. For fifty years, there was a sharp decline in the popularity of bars of soap as they were overtaken by liquid soaps and shower gels. But the bar of soap has started to fight back, starting a trend that fits the ...


A Cluttered, Messy Home Can Lead to Stress and Anxiety

Added , Under: Environment, Health, How To

In fact, psychologists say that it is a definite trigger of stress and anxiety even though this is not generally realized. Psychologist  Sherrie Bourg Carter explains: “Clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes, our workplaces, and ourselves. Messy homes and workspaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless, and overwhelmed. Yet, rarely is clutter recognized as a significant source of stress in our lives.” What is it about clutter that it can act as a trigger? Sherrie tells us there ...


How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee!

Added November 5, 2019, Under: Environment, How To

I am not a coffee drinker - my beverage of choice is black tea with fresh lemon - but many of my family are avid supporters of the coffee habit.  And I do love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. My daughter-in-law has shared her tips on how she makes her own perfect cup of coffee, tips that she learnt on a trip to Costa Rica. How to make two average sized cups or one large mug of black coffee Yourwill need your ...


The Dangers to Wildlife as Halloween is Celebrated

Added October 23, 2019, Under: Environment

Halloween decorations become more popular and more realistic every year. But how safe are these decorations and can they cause harm? Fake spider webs are often hung to scare children dressed in costume as they make their way around their local suburbs. But they can also be a nightmare for birds and small animals who can get caught in them. How can this happen? Kathryn Dudeck, wildlife director of the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Georgia has shared grim images of a western screech owl caught ...

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