How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee!

Added November 5, 2019, Under: Environment, How To

I am not a coffee drinker - my beverage of choice is black tea with fresh lemon - but many of my family are avid supporters of the coffee habit.  And I do love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. My daughter-in-law has shared her tips on how she makes her own perfect cup of coffee, tips that she learnt on a trip to Costa Rica. How to make two average sized cups or one large mug of black coffee Yourwill need your ...


The Dangers to Wildlife as Halloween is Celebrated

Added October 23, 2019, Under: Environment

Halloween decorations become more popular and more realistic every year. But how safe are these decorations and can they cause harm? Fake spider webs are often hung to scare children dressed in costume as they make their way around their local suburbs. But they can also be a nightmare for birds and small animals who can get caught in them. How can this happen? Kathryn Dudeck, wildlife director of the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Georgia has shared grim images of a western screech owl caught ...


Grow Milkweed to Help Save the Monarch Butterflies

Added October 12, 2019, Under: Environment, How To

Throughout the world, wildlife is under threat with so many species in danger of extinction. One such species under threat is the Monarch butterfly.  Their caterpillars ONLY eat milkweed with the plant providing all the nourishment the caterpillar needs to transform into the adult butterfly. But very sadly, these milkweed plants are rapidly disappearing.  They are losing their habitat because of land development and the widespread spraying of weed killer on the fields where they grow. We all need to do our best ...


How Safe Is Your Daily Cuppa?

Added September 30, 2019, Under: Environment, Health, Technology

Here in the UK, we are a nation of tea drinkers - and most of us use tea bags to make our mug of tea. And "cuppa" is the slang for a cup of tea. But how safe is our cup of tea? Should we be concerned? Researchers at McGill University in Canada have found that a single tea bag releases around 11.6 billion microplastic particles, and 3.1 billion even smaller nanoplastic particles, into that mug.  This is thousands of times higher than the amount ...


The Problem with Plastic Straws

Added September 28, 2019, Under: Environment, Technology

Most plastics don't decompose, or biodegrade, when we get rid of them.  Sadly, plastics can stay in landfills for hundreds of years - and plastic in the ocean floats around as small pieces (called microplastics) that can poison marine life and hurt the environment. Plastic straws are little, but they are part of a huge problem. When did it become such a way of life that seemingly no one could drink anything without having to use a plastic straw to suck it up?  Is it a ...


Do You Suffer from Arachnophobia?

Added September 23, 2019, Under: Diseases, Environment

Arachnophobia or the fear of spiders is the oldest and most common phobia in the Western culture.  The word Arachnophobia is derived from the Greek word 'arachne' meaning spiders. The response to spiders shown by an arachnophobic individual may seem irrational to others and often to the sufferer himself. It is such a pity that so many have this fear. Spiders have so much to give House spiders feed on common indoor pests such as clothes moths, cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies and more, and look at why this is such a good ...


How To Make Eco-Friendly Wet Wipes & Other Suggestions

Added September 21, 2019, Under: Children's Health, Environment, How To

In spite of their obvious convenience, many people have been turned off commercial wet wipes because of their threat to the environment. We have written about how wet wipes are causing watery waste havoc.  Once reserved for babies, now adults and children are using wipes in their millions – leading to massive sewer problems in the western world. Experts say that mislabeling is to blame.  Although often labeled as flushable wipes, this is far from true. Wet wipes are designed to stay wet ...


How Climate Changes Can Affect Those Arthritis Symptoms

Added September 4, 2019, Under: Arthritis, Environment

No one wants to suffer from arthritis and joint pain but changes in the weather can be a constant contributing factor to those arthritis symptoms that can affect so many. And it is not just during a special time of the year. Different climate changes at different times of the year can be the cause of joint pain flare up whether  it is cold, it is raining or the weather is humid. There are 4 categories of climate changes Low barometric pressure is ...


The Sights & Sounds of Forests are More Vital Than Ever

Added August 26, 2019, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health

At this time in our history, the world is worrying about the extensive and hugely damaging forest fires in the Amazon - and how it will all end. The Amazon rain forests are at great risk, desperately needing the rain after which they are named. Why we need rain forests Rain forests are forests which grow in areas of high rainfall.  Tropical rain forests are found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn and receive between 68 to 80 inches ...


Is it Time to Go a Little Bit Wild in Your Garden or Back Yard!

Added August 22, 2019, Under: Environment, How To

The past few years have seen a surge in support for wildlife - and this includes your own garden and back yard. Gone are the days when everyone had to have a very neat and pristine "plot in the sun" with rows of straight bedding plants. Back then, every part of the garden had to be weed-free and without the slightest sign of any pests.  Shrubs and bushes had to be strictly pruned and lawns take on the appearance of bowling greens.  ...

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