Whether Commercial or Homemade & Natural, Vapor Rub Is Helpful In Many Ways

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We have all heard of the long standing remedy known as Vicks VapoRub and we all recognize its aroma! Although mostly known for rubbing on the chest at bedtime, to relieve coughs and congestion during the night, I wonder if you knew that Vicks has many other uses? Most people are able to use Vicks VaporRub without experiencing any negative side effects, although mild skin irritation is sometimes reported.  Vicks VapoRub has been around for over a hundred years and is ...


Migraines, Meditation & More…

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Nobody wants to suffer from migraines but a recent small study published in the journal Headache suggests that meditation may help relieve the intensity and duration of migraines. The study was conducted at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center where researchers assigned 19 people with migraines either to standard medical care or to an eight week program called “mindfulness-based stress reduction”. This is also known as MBSR and the migraine sufferers undertook the program for some 30 minutes a day. What ...


Healing Natural Oils & Two Ingredients For These Natural Beauty Products

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  We loved these two natural beauty products made with innovation and care using two of our own Healing Natural Oils products – H-Insomnia Formula and H-Headaches Formula. The first is “Layered DIY Sugar Body Scrub” by Pam It is featured in her blog Simply Southern Mom. Amazingly, Pam tells us that her body scrub only takes ten minutes to prepare. Treat yourself or make as a special gift for someone near and dear to you. If you need to store it, the scrub ...


Epsom Salts in the Tub for a Total Spa Treatment |

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Most would hardly give Epsom salts a second thought but they are surprisingly full of health benefits. The salt is named for a salty spring at Epsom in Surrey (in the UK), and not too far from where I now live. In fact Epsom salts are not a salt at all but a 100% natural pure mineral, comprising magnesium and sulfate. Why do we need magnesium and sulfates? It is now known that both magnesium and sulfate are readily absorbed through the ...


Stress Headaches |

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While there are different types of headaches and migraines, the presence of stress in our modern lifestyles can lead to stress or tension headaches – a condition experienced by over 30% of adults at some stage. We may think of stress as being all bad but it has enabled man to adapt, to evolve and even to master all types of challenges. It is certainly not a recent phenomena with early man living under considerable stress when you consider all he ...


What Are Cluster Migraines? |

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Cluster migraines usually form a pattern where the same symptoms will return at the same time each day for several days or even weeks. Every sufferer will have a different pattern and there can be a break of weeks or months before that same pattern resumes once more, affecting more men than women and in the younger to middle age groups. Along with cluster migraines, headaches cost the USA economy an estimated $17 billion a year in lost work, disability payments ...


Pressure Points for Headaches |

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We have all heard of acupuncture as an ancient Chinese healing method but perhaps you are not aware of acupressure?  Derived from acupuncture, acupressure is the technique of applying slight force to certain pressure points on different parts of the body in an attempt to eliminate the symptoms of headaches and migraines – and many find it a very successful method too. What are pressure points? Pressure points are actually clusters of nerves found at various parts of the body that help regulate blood ...


How To Head Massage For Healing Health Benefits |

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  One of the simplest ways to give yourself a health-giving treat is with a head massage. You can use one of these basic head massage gadgets pictured here for a great sensation (and available for just a couple of dollars) or you can go for something more intense. Head massages induce a state of calm and help to relax and de-stress For example, an Indian head massage (which concentrates on the upper back, neck, shoulders, head and face) helps with  lymphatic drainage, eye strain ...


How To Increase Your Water Intake & Make It Enjoyable Too |

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  We are always encouraging you to drink lots of water but the quality of that water can have a good or a bad impact on your health. While many in the Western world are lucky to have access to “safe from disease” water, when it comes straight from the tap there can still be many dangerous contaminants in your drinking water -  including chlorine and fluoride. As well as more than 2,100 known chemical toxins present in USA tap water, ...


Lemon Grass for a Zesty Flavoring or an Herbal Medicine |

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This stalky, grassy plant with its lemony scent grows in many tropical or temperate climates, especially in Southeast-Asia, and is aptly named Lemon Grass. You can grow it elsewhere too – we had a prolific plant in our street garden in Cape Town and it grew so well, providing good cover and habitat for birds and chameleons, that we had to cut it back from time to time when it started to dwarf everything else in the garden. A common ingredient ...

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