Grinding Your Teeth Can Be A Symptom Of Stress In Your Life

Added July 17, 2017, Under: Dental Care, Headaches & Migraines

Did you know that the habit of grinding your teeth during your sleep has a name? The condition is called bruxism. And most people are unaware that they do it - perhaps until the damage is done. The signs and symptoms of teeth grinding A dull, constant headache, a sore jaw, painful gums or sensitive teeth. You may catch yourself in the act or wake to the sound of grinding teeth. Noticing extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures or feel pain when brushing teeth. The appearance ...


Are All Those Artificial Fragrances Getting Up Your Nose?

Added July 10, 2017, Under: Environment, Headaches & Migraines, Health

It has been many years since we have written about artificial fragrances. Time for an update! Do you suffer from frequent headaches, allergies and stomach problems? Millions live with chronic pain and discomfort of different symptoms, often being dependent on medications to get through the day. Your doctor may never have told you that your mystery symptoms may be as simple as a reaction to all the chemicals in your home. Yes, perfumes and other artificial fragrances trigger migraines, sinus issues, respiratory problems, rashes, ...


Wild Lettuce is a Natural Remedy for Headaches, Insomnia & More

Added May 31, 2017, Under: Headaches & Migraines, Insomnia, Natural remedies

It can be almost too easy to reach for an over-the-counter or prescription medication whenever we suffer from a headache, a migraine, being unable to sleep or other conditions.  But it does not have to be that way. There are plenty of natural ways to deal with those day-to-day problems, many of which we have written about in the past. Have you ever considered using wild lettuce? Wild Lettuce was known to the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks for its ability to calm the ...


The Pitfalls of Hormone Changes in All Age Groups of Women

Added March 15, 2017, Under: Exercise, Headaches & Migraines, How To, Insomnia, Skin Conditions, Women's Health

  The hormonal changes that lead to hot flushes and night sweats in menopause are often treated, by those who don't have them, as a subject for jokes but, if you do suffer from them, they can be far from funny. Hormones have always been an unpredictable force in many women's lives, impacting on their happiness. But there is no need to just grin and bear it as we are going to share some of the natural ways in which you can ...


Look Forward to Lovely Lavender Lemonade in the Summer Months Ahead!

Added March 9, 2017, Under: Headaches & Migraines

Now that it is spring in the Northern hemisphere, we begin to look forward to the warmer, sunnier months of the year. And what could be more inspiring than thinking about making a healthy, natural summer drink. If you and your family would like to enjoy the health benefits of lavender lemonade, here is what you will need: Ingredients 1 cup raw honey 5 cups pure water Just a single drop of our own Lavender Essential Oil  6 fresh lemons that have been peeled and juiced Lavender sprigs ...


Should You Be Concerned About That Daily Shave, Guys?

Added October 21, 2016, Under: Headaches & Migraines, Inflammation, Men's Health, Skin Conditions

Shaving cream, shaving foam or shaving gel is applied to the face, or wherever else hair grows, helping to lubricate the cutting process; swell keratin; and desensitize the skin. Ingredients for these shaving aids commonly consist of an emulsion of oils, soaps or surfactants and water. But shaving cream can contain up to 10 carcinogenic chemicals And they can affect your liver too. We live in a dangerous chemical-ridden world, exposing ourselves to daily toxins. Some are known to contain cancer-causing agents, contribute to hormone imbalance, ...

By Jane Chitty with Comments Off on Should You Be Concerned About That Daily Shave, Guys?

Burn a Bay Leaf For Its Instant Calming Effect

Added July 17, 2016, Under: Arthritis, Environment, Headaches & Migraines, Health, Inflammation

One easy and instant way to bring peace and tranquillity to your home is to burn a bay leaf! Bay leaves are also known as bay laurel or Laurus nobilis. Popular in Mediterranean cuisine where thy are used as a spice, bay leaves have a long history of being used in other ways as well. The Greeks and Romans celebrated the bay leaf for its healing properties and even used the bay leaf to illustrate their art work. Bay leaves have a proven calming ...


Soak in an Epsom Salt Bath For Magnesium & More

Added April 20, 2016, Under: Diseases, Headaches & Migraines, Health, Inflammation

Ever considered having regular Epsom salt baths? Epsom salt is not actually salt; it is a mineral compound - magnesium sulfate. It looks like large salt crystals and they easily dissolve in water. Epsom salt baths are very beneficial They are relaxing and therapeutic. They provide another form of treatment for skin conditions like eczema and acne. They soothe muscle soreness as well as strained or torn muscles and ligaments. Epsom salt baths will help with inflammation, bruising and swelling wherever these may occur on your ...


How To Know When A Headache Is Serious

Added March 13, 2016, Under: Doctors, Drugs, Headaches & Migraines, Health, How To

Headaches are of course very common and can be divided into primary and secondary headaches. What are primary headaches? Common primary headaches include migraine, tension-type, and cluster and because these headaches are not being caused by any underlying problem, neurological examinations and imaging tests are usually completely normal in these disorders, no matter how severe the symptoms. On the other hand secondary headaches are the ones that could mean a more serious health condition... Secondary headaches The key to distinguishing secondary headaches from primary headache ...


Taking Good Care Of Your Ears

Added July 30, 2015, Under: Diseases, Doctors, Headaches & Migraines, Health

Compared with other parts of our bodies, our ears do not require a lot of care and attention. For the most part, they just need to be washed regularly when in the bath tub or the shower. However there are certain things we need to be aware of in case various symptoms arise. Hearing loss It is easy to forget about having our hearing tested regularly. This is in spite of having regular check ups for our eyes and our teeth. And of ...

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