The Ancient Site of Stonehenge Is As Inspiring As Ever

Added October 29, 2018, Under: Environment, Guides

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK, is celebrating one hundred years since it was gifted to the nation. It is one of the best known Unesco World Heritage sites - and is just an hour's drive down the road from where I live.  I often drive past and it never fails to impress. How was Stonehenge gifted to the UK? In 1915, a lawyer called Cecil Chubb went to an auction sale to buy some furniture but left as the proud owner of Stonehenge after ...


Venturing into Venice and onto the Water Beyond

Added August 1, 2018, Under: Environment, Guides

If you can fly into Venice's Marco Polo Airport, and catch a water taxi or shuttle to your destination, the view of Venice in the distance and the journey across the water are really magical. Venice is made up of several islands in the sea and there are defining lanes with wooden marker piles and signage in this sea, making water highways from one place to the other in much the same way as roads on land. The whole economy and way ...


Ten Top Tips for Keeping Your Pet Happy & Healthy

Added July 2, 2018, Under: Guides, Top 10

Having a pet in the family is very important for many but it comes with commitment and responsibility. We share some of the ways in which your pets can live happy, healthy and contented lives - with their owners. 1.  Grooming and Brushing.  If you have a long haired cat, it should be groomed daily but make sure your cat is relaxed and happy before you start.  With dogs, they should be groomed regularly while those with longer coats needing more frequent ...


When Should You Take Your Supplements?

Added August 18, 2015, Under: Guides, Health, Nutrition, Vitamin D

Many of you will be regularly adding vitamin supplements to your daily diet. In fact researchers have found that those who do take supplements are often much more conscientious than those who have been prescribed pharmaceutical medications. But it is not only the regularity of taking supplements that is important – the time of day can matter too. Some nutrients work best when taken at different times of the day. For example... Breakfast B-vitamins are a great boost to start your day if taken with ...

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