Why Do We Get Those Painful Mouth Ulcers?

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Teen woman pressing her bruised cheek with a painful expression as if she's having a terrible tooth ache

Minor mouth ulcers will usually clear up quickly and could be caused by accidentally biting the inside of your cheek while eating or from a sharp tooth or filling. However, it is those painful mouth ulcers that keep coming back to cause so much discomfort that are the main problem. Mouth ulcers can be genetic It is thought that many serious mouth ulcer conditions run in families – with a figure as high as 40%. But there are several triggers, those factors that set ...


Astaxanthin & Its Ability to Help Avoid Wrinkles & Age Spots

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lobster dinner with lemon and lettuce garnish

In the natural world, astaxanthin is found in algae, fish, krill oil, lobsters, crab, crawfish and salmon but if you are not a great seafood eater from sustainable and safe sources, you might be deficient in this nutrient. Fortunately, it is possible to include it your diet in the form of a supplement. In case you are wondering, astaxanthin is pronounced “asta-ZAN-thin” Why astaxanthin is an important anti-aging tool Astaxanthin is especially important for both males and females to use as they grow older and ...


This Former Disease Of The Rich Is Now A Risk For Many

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Painful and inflamed gout on his foot around the big toe area.

Some two to five million Americans, 90% of them male in their 40s or older, now suffer from GOUT. Gout is a type of arthritis and it can cause considerable pain and discomfort. Historically, gout sufferers were not given the sympathy they deserved.  They were often joked about and it was even known as the "disease of kings".  Fortunately, now that we know more about this condition, those with gout are given a more compassionate hearing. Why does gout appear? The problem arises ...


Lack of Sleep Damages Our Skills Ability

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Butterfly on a lavender meadow.

In the distant past, we went to sleep when it got dark and we got up when it became light. Now the pace of life keeps getting faster and faster with more and more to be done - and the obvious result is the sacrifice of sleeping time. But the lack of sleep damages our skills For example, at 4 am our ability to process information can be on the same level as if we had drunk several shots of hard liquor. Sleep ...


How To Help Pet Animals Survive In A Fire

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beautiful young girl sitting at home with her dog near fireplace

We all love our family pets dearly but do we ever give a thought to what would happen to them should our home be at risk from fire? Statistics tell us that some forty thousand pets die every year from fires in their own homes. One solution is special oxygen masks for pets I was listening to a program on the radio recently about the necessity for fire fighters to carry special oxygen masks for animals when dealing with, and helping, pets in ...


Beauty Spot Or Blight, Moles Are A Common Condition

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Doctor, dermatologist, hands examines a birthmark of patient. Checking benign moles

So common because everyone has at least one mole and some may have as many as forty or more. Most moles develop during our lifetime but some 1% are born with moles and it is these congenital moles that might cause problems and even become suspect in time. Moles are normally small and visible as brown or dark spots in the skin but they can be flesh-colored or yellow-brown. Flat or raised, they may contain dark hairs but having hairs in ...


Falling Can Be Risky Whatever Your Age

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Hand auf Gelnder

When I was a child, I seemed to be particularly clumsy with permanently scarred, bruised and battered knees. My mother’s solution was to send me to ballet classes from a young age in the hope that I would become more graceful. It didn’t make much difference and now decades later, I have survived many trips and falls. I don’t want to jinx it so I am just going whisper - that I have never actually broken anything. Now my daughter is convinced that ...


Three Ways To Ward Off Some Of That Damage From Smoking

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Man light a cigarette

You may have recently given up smoking or you are struggling to do so. You might even be forced to endure second hand smoke.  Whatever the reason, there are some natural remedies you can use for improving your lung health. Firstly, try adding these nourishing and natural additives to your daily meals Ginger is an ancient spice with healing powers, helping to eliminate excess mucus in the lungs. Onion and garlic are both extremely healthy with their proven anti cancer properties while onion in ...


How To Avoid That Afternoon “Slow Down” When You Are Working

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Man with beard in glasses sleeps in office on the table over laptop with coffee in hand

Working a long day, after commuting to and from work and perhaps following a disturbed night’s sleep for whatever reason, can often lead to that feeling of sleepiness and failed productivity by mid afternoon. What can you do about it? If you work from home, then it is no longer a problem. You have the double advantage of no commuting and being able to organize your hours for optimum productivity. But not everyone is that fortunate although the numbers working from home ...


Do You Find The Hashtag #loveyourlines Convincing?

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Crema sulle gambe

There has very recently been a high profile campaign #loveyourlines carried out among women to see if their attitudes to stretch marks have changed. The campaign gave women the opportunity to embrace their stretch marks by sharing images of themselves and their "lines" on social media but it found that, for most ordinary women, “stretch marks” are really not something they want to post on facebook and elsewhere. Their response was a definite “No”. Nevertheless, there will always be those who are ...

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