How To Look After Your Hair & Your Beard When You Cannot Get to the Hair Salon or Barber

Added April 6, 2020, Under: How To

There may be a number of reasons why you have to resort to looking after your hair and/or your beard yourself - so we thought we would share a few tips to help you out... Dos and don'ts when trimming your hair Look for the thinnest pair of scissors you can find so that you can control the amount of hair being cut at all times. Sectioning is very important.  After you have washed and towel dried your hair, section your hair first ...


Our Suggestions on How to Stay Safe

Added March 17, 2020, Under: Diseases, Health, How To, Top 10, Vitamin D

We are all concerned about the health and safety of our family and friends. We set out below our suggestions on how to stay safe. Of course prevention is better than cure but there is still much we can all do. Frequent washing of hands thoroughly with soap and water for twenty seconds is the most important habit you can get into - every time you come home, arrive at work or someone else's home etc.  And avoid touching your face or ...


Why an Alkaline Environment for Your Body is More Important than Ever

Added March 15, 2020, Under: Diseases, How To, Nutrition

According to the German Doctor of Chemistry and Medicine, Otto Warburg, "No disease can exist in an alkaline environment".  While many years have passed since Warburg’s publications and studies, his discoveries still hold true today. How is acidity measured? The pH scale ranges from 1 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline).  Our body's pH usually hovers between 7.35 and 7.4. Most of the foods consumed today are full of sugar, preservatives and genetically modified organisms.  These all contribute to acidity in the body. Meanwhile, the most ...


How to Have Health & Safety in the Bathroom

Added February 19, 2020, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Health, How To

Everyone has a bathroom and toilet in their home, and some will have several. But how many of us actually enjoy cleaning them? The suspicion is that we might try to avoid this chore if we can! How often should you clean certain items in your bathroom? Microbiologists Philip M. Tierno and Charles Gerba (both PhDs) have been sharing their own tips on how often we should be carrying out these cleaning chores.  They do admit that, even if we are less than conscientious, we are ...


Catnip & Is It Giving Your Kitty a High Note?

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We have catnip growing on our allotment garden here in the UK and I have seen visiting cats to the site enjoying a good sniff. Most British cats are free to go outdoors and so, at the same time as they might be hunting for mice, they can have a bit of a party enjoying the catnip. It is said that roughly half of all cats are sensitive to catnip so that when they come in contact they can become quite excited. What ...


How to Focus on Reducing the Pain and Discomfort of Arthritis

Added February 11, 2020, Under: Arthritis, Exercise, How To, Natural remedies

Just in the USA alone, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that some 52.5 million adults are afflicted with arthritis - that means one in five. Arthritis is a joint disease that causes swelling and pain in and around the joints, usually known as either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis but can also cover gout or fibromyalgia. Meanwhile, the word arthritis is widely used in the public health world to describe more than 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions that affect joints. We ...


Improved Vision Could Come With These Plant-Based Choices

Added February 6, 2020, Under: Diets, Health, How To, Natural remedies

We are all being encouraged to include extra fruit and veggies in our diet, making it more plant-based. Such changes could even improve the way you see the world, helping your eyes to see better.  Improved optical health is one of the unexpected outcomes of a plant-based diet. Find out more about how the Vitamin A found in carrots, squash and spinach have been found to increase the eye's ability to perform in low light.  And yes, especially when we always thought ...


How To Understand & Help the Highly Sensitive Child

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It might be hard to imagine that 15 to 20% of all children are born highly sensitive, meaning they can be deeply reflective, sensitive to those things that non-HSC are not, and can be easily overwhelmed. Until recently, parents and teachers alike were not given the tools to help such children as there just was not the information out there. Now, courtesy of Dr. Elaine N. Aron, PH.D, help is at hand... She is the bestselling author of The highly Sensitive Person as ...


Morning Stretches for Extra Energy, Improved Posture & More

Added January 27, 2020, Under: Exercise, Health, How To

Whether or not you have enjoyed a restful night's sleep, you will always benefit from having a good stretch after sleeping on your back for several hours. The  benefits of stretching in the morning — for as little as five minutes — outweigh any inconvenience you think it might pose while you're rushing to get ready for work, getting the family up and going or eating your breakfast. Set the alarm for a few minutes earlier to make time for the benefits ...


Top Resolutions for Improved Health Now & the Rest of the Year

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Sometimes we need a bit of a push to get us going, to get us into a healthier way of living and to take responsibility for reaching that goal. And it does not have to be that difficult or time consuming. If you are free to sit on a sofa and watch TV for a couple of hours a day, then you have plenty of time to put these resolutions in place. We list our top suggestions And each of these come with a ...

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