Do You Suffer From Strawberry Legs?

Added January 4, 2019, Under: How To, Natural remedies, Skin Conditions

Have you ever come across “strawberry legs”? The skin condition gets its name from the appearance of small black dots on the legs – similar to the dotted skin found on strawberries. While the condition is not harmful, it can make some sufferers self conscious about the appearance of their less-than-perfect legs.  The medical term is keratosis pilaris and it is more common in those with dry skin. What causes strawberry legs? Dry skin affects the skin barrier which is in place to ...


Would You Like To Know More About Activated Charcoal?

Added December 21, 2018, Under: Dental Care, Health, How To, Natural remedies

Although in the past, activated charcoal was used as a powerful water cleansing product, it has been found to naturally remove toxins and chemicals from our bodies. Not to be confused with those briquettes for the BBQ Activated charcoal is actually not the same as the briquettes which are used on the barbeque for grilling foods. Instead, activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from bone char, coconut shells, peat, petroleum coke, coal, olive pits or sawdust. The charcoal is "activated" by processing ...


Mindfulness, Meditation & Their Link With ADHD

Added September 25, 2018, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Drugs, Health, Natural remedies

Do you have someone in your family who has been diagnosed with ADHD? ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder while ADD covers attention deficit disorder. Have they resorted to medication to treat the symptoms or are you interested in finding out about other ways? Do you suspect that you or someone close to you might have some of the symptoms of ADHD? It is possible to go online to find and complete various tests to give you more of an idea before you ...


Eczema & How This Condition Can Flare Up In The Colder Weather

Added September 20, 2018, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Natural remedies, Skin Conditions

ECZEMA can be extremely irritating, itchy and painful for people who suffer with this skin condition. And cooler weather is no help to eczema sufferers. This skin condition causes the affected area to become itchy, red, dry and cracked. While in some cases, this condition can improve or even clear up completely over time, some will suffer from flare-ups indefinitely. Why can eczema flare up in colder weather? This is usually because of: (a) the much harsher weather conditions when outdoors and (b) the effects from central ...


Using Lemon Essentials Oil For Those Cleaning Chores

Added September 14, 2018, Under: Environment, Health, Natural remedies

The juice of lemons, the peel from lemons and the essential oil from lemons are all wonderful - with so any uses. In this post, I am going to share some of the ways to use lemon essential oil with its fresh, clean smell. Safe and gentle for the environment, your home and your family... The oil is also antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral while the lemon provides an "air disinfectant". Lemon essentials oil soft scrub Firstly, how about this recipe for cleaning areas of the home ...


Include this Apple Cider Vinegar Footbath as TLC for your Feet

Added September 4, 2018, Under: How To, Natural remedies, Skin Conditions

Soaking our feet in apple cider vinegar for fifteen minutes at a time can be a very natural treatment. The benefits of apple cider vinegar (or ACV) come from the high antioxidants derived from the polyphenols found in apples. Polyphenols are a category of chemicals that naturally occur in plants.  ACV is also high in acetic acid, helping to increase your body’s absorption of important minerals. The highest quality ACV are the versions that are unfiltered and raw.  Natural apple cider vinegar is made by ...


How Real Raw Honey Helps Those Acute Coughs

Added September 1, 2018, Under: Health, Natural remedies

When the colder months of the year start to arrive, so do the germs - often leading to coughs, colds and sore throats. Unfortunately, many still think that they need to start a course of antibiotics to treat their symptoms.  In most cases, acute coughs are caused by a cold or flu virus or bronchitis - and can last as long as three weeks.  But antibiotics make little difference to symptoms and can even have side effects. Antibiotic resistance has of course ...


How to Have Healthy Nails Without Too Much Effort

Added August 24, 2018, Under: Diseases, How To, Natural remedies

Many will think that it takes a lot of effort, money and TLC to have healthy, attractive nails.  But it does not have to be so. It can be simple and inexpensive to have lovely nails. Here are some suggestions: Strengthening your nails You can achieve this by supplementing with biotin (one of the B vitamins) as it has been shown to be helpful for strengthening and growing weak nails. Using nail polish Wearing appropriate gloves helps to keep hands and nails in good condition especially ...


Include Potassium Rich Foods in your Diet to Help with Cellulite

Added August 5, 2018, Under: Diets, Natural remedies

Fluid retention is one of the main causes of cellulite and this is because many of us consume too much sodium but not enough potassium. While sodium carries nutrients into your cells, potassium helps to flush excess waste out of your cells which in turn can reduce the appearance of cellulite. What is cellulite and why does it appear? Cellulite appears as dimpled bumpy skin with that "orange peel" look. Fatty tissue under connective tissue bulges into the dermis leading to the appearance ...


Find Out Why Your Hair Needs Vitamins Too!

Added July 19, 2018, Under: How To, Natural remedies, Nutrition

  In much the same way as we care or should care for our skin, so we need to think about our hair and whether we are giving our crowning glory the TLC it needs and even craves? Adding these vitamins to your diet improves your hair but it can also help to prevent hair loss too. How to thicken your hair in a natural way Fish Oil This oil rich in fatty acids will help to nourish the hair, support hair thickening and even ...

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