Stretch Marks & The Natural Route To Follow

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close up of pregnant woman touching her bare tummy

There is a social media campaign doing the rounds which was created by two moms. Their #Loveyourlines Instagram account is devoted to "celebrating real women, real bodies, and real self-love." It has over one hundred thousand followers embracing their imperfections. And we certainly salute them. Along with many other new mothers, they have stretch marks on their bodies from giving birth and are proudly showing them off as their “battle scars”. Why does being pregnant lead to stretch marks? Inside, you are busy creating ...


Pregnancy & New Evidence on the Many Benefits of Breastfeeding

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In the past, we have shared the nutritional benefits to a baby of being breastfed. For example, previous research shows breast milk protects babies against stomach bugs, chest infections, asthma and allergies while conferring other health advantages in later life. Breastfeeding cuts the risk of asthma by 37% in those under the age of three and 17% in those children of seven and older. With one in eleven children now having asthma, any help in bringing down those numbers is to ...


Eczema & Is There A Link To That Daily Bath?

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In the distant past, people (however wealthy) did not make a habit of having regular baths or showers. It was only in the middle of the twentieth century that bathrooms and shower rooms started to become so popular and now, over sixty years later, most in the Western world would not dream of going without their daily shower. In the same way, babies and children are bathed just about every day of their young lives - often for the sake ...


The Dilemma of Vitamin K Shots & Your Newborn

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Baby bekommt Vitamin D oder Vitamin K mit Spritze

In the UK, parents of new babies are routinely asked if they would like their baby to have supplementary vitamin K. They are told that this is needed to make blood clot and prevent excessive internal bleeding. In 1961, after nearly 2 decades of research had been published, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended giving Vitamin K shots after birth. This practice has been the standard of care in the USA ever since. As with any vaccine schedule today, there are ...


Are “Thread Veins” A Threat To Your Health?

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preventing varicose vein by lay down legs on pillow

 Thread veins are tiny blood vessels which have become dilated so that they run close to the skin's surface. They look like fine purple or red wiggly lines. Thread veins are also known as “Spider Veins” or “Broken Veins”. Many who develop thread veins find them embarrassing or unsightly and really wish they could do something about them. They are normally found on the legs but can also appear on the breasts, arms and even the face. They are more ...


How Guys Can Help Their Female Partners To Lift That Libido

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Many women become resigned to losing their desire for sex and, come to think of it as a duty (to be over and done with as quickly as possible) - but perhaps it is time for the males to step up and do their bit to help their partners lift that libido. There are lots of natural ways that have been found to help. It can be as simple as eating the right foods Here are our eight suggestions, giving you enough ...


Eggs & How Should We Store Them? |

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blog image - backyard chickens

What type of eggs do you buy and how do you store them? I buy locally produced free range eggs here in England from my fruit and veggie shop where I pick them out of a large tray, packing them into smaller half dozen egg boxes.  They sit for sale on a shelf with no refrigeration but sell quickly with new stock arriving every couple of days.  I store them in an African craft-made wire basket on my kitchen dresser. As ...


Baby Acne |

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cute little child joke outdoor with dad

For many there is nothing more precious then a new born baby, and when we suspect that there may be something afflicting our babies we want to address and diagnose this issue promptly and effectively.  Because babies are delicate and prone to both external and internal conditions it is always best to speak to your Pediatrician about any concerns you may be facing.  For new borne babies even a seemingly small issue can end up being a serious threat and ...

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Are Pregnancy Junk Food Cravings Setting your Child up for Poor Food Choices? |

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Pregnancy on the color nature, series

Whenever pregnancy comes up in books, films or TV programs, it nearly always goes hand in hand with the mother-to-be having crazy cravings. These can cover the full spectrum from bizarre to downright ridiculous – I worked with a pregnant colleague once who would chew on kitchen sponges (those ones with a rough texture on one side for cleaning pots and pans) and I never really understood why. What are the reasons behind these cravings? Although no one can really pin point ...


Your Children Could Be At Risk If They Are Lacking In This Hormone |

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blog image - sunshine vitamin

In the winter months of the northern hemisphere, it becomes more important than ever to determine your child's vitamin D level. It is not known as the “feel good” hormone for nothing. If he or she were already deficient before the start of the colder months, then such levels could so easily be much worse now. Why do children need vitamin D? Children need vitamin D (yes,the feel good hormone) to fight the colds, flu and other viruses or bacteria that they ...

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