Grow or Buy Beets for all these Health Benefits

Added March 20, 2020, Under: Diets, Nutrition

Easy to sow, easy to grow and easy to prepare and eat, what's not to like about about the beet? Many are starting to realize that all fruits and veggies add so much more in the way of nutrition to our diets. And beets are high on the this list... All those health benefits? Top of the list is the presence of betalain.  The polyphenol betalain (which is present in beetroot) comes in two forms: betacyanins (giving the beet that deep red color) ...


Why an Alkaline Environment for Your Body is More Important than Ever

Added March 15, 2020, Under: Diseases, How To, Nutrition

According to the German Doctor of Chemistry and Medicine, Otto Warburg, "No disease can exist in an alkaline environment".  While many years have passed since Warburg’s publications and studies, his discoveries still hold true today. How is acidity measured? The pH scale ranges from 1 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline).  Our body's pH usually hovers between 7.35 and 7.4. Most of the foods consumed today are full of sugar, preservatives and genetically modified organisms.  These all contribute to acidity in the body. Meanwhile, the most ...


Why Do We Need Electrolytes To Function At Our Best?

Added February 11, 2020, Under: Doctors, Headaches & Migraines, Health, Nutrition

We might not all realize how important electrolytes are to our overall health, playing their part throughout our bodies. If our electrolytes are out of balance, we can suffer from muscle weakness, confusion and fatigue.  But if everything is working as it should, we maintain good brain health, our heart health is well supported, our bone strength can be improved, our fluid balance is well regulated while our nerves and muscles are functioning to the full. Electrolytes are a type of particle ...


Mouth-Watering Watermelon

Added November 20, 2019, Under: Arthritis, Nutrition

Who can resist the taste and texture of watermelon especially on a hot summer's day? But watermelon not only tastes good, it does you good too! Low in calories but rich in nutrients... Watermelon comes with good helpings of  vitamin A, B6, C, L-citrulline, fiber, antioxidants, and potassium.  They are the best source of L-citrulline. These nutrients work together to boost your immune system while helping to relieve the symptoms of diabetes, asthma, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. There are other health benefits when you include ...


Celery Juice can be a Natural Remedy for Headaches & Migraines

Added October 28, 2019, Under: Headaches & Migraines, Health, How To, Nutrition

There are many different types of headaches and migraines but they all have something in common - pain and discomfort. A daily drink of celery juice can be a natural remedy for you if you suffer from headaches or migraines. There are other health benefits from celery juice too.  Drink a large glass first thing in the morning to gain these benefits. Start with an 8 ounce glass and gradually increase to 16 ounces.  Here are some of health benefits To heal and activate ...


How Hunger Can Make Us Angry

Added October 25, 2019, Under: Diets, Health, Nutrition, Vitamin D

When we are hungry, we can become snappy and irritable. If we have not eaten in a while, we can find it difficult to concentrate. If we are in need of a snack, this can severely affect our mood. But why does this happen? There is a new word out there And the word is hanger. Once it was a made up word but now it has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, defined as being "bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger". In 2018, ...


What You Eat Can Affect Your Arthritis Symptoms & Even Reverse Them

Added September 7, 2019, Under: Arthritis, How To, Inflammation, Nutrition

Millions of people suffer from arthritis - and the word arthritis means inflammation in the joints. There is a common misconception that if you use your joints too much and work them too hard over your lifetime, you will wear them out. But apparently there is no evidence showing that using your joints causes them to wear out more quickly. Do not believe the wear and tear myth! In fact, you need to keep them moving and active.  To exercise regularly, to walk for ...


Are You Able to Buy Fresh Goji Berries in Your Local Store?

Added August 18, 2019, Under: Nutrition

A recent news item here in the UK was that fresh goji berries were now becoming available to buy in supermarkets. Up to now, it has only been possible to buy them dried. On this side of the pond, fresh goji berries come from Morocco in North Africa.  They obviously need a very warm climate.  And in spite of summers becoming warmer here in the UK, goji berries are not a commercial possibility - yet. When we took over our allotment plot some ...


Changing Your Diet Could Help With Anxiety & Stress

Added May 24, 2019, Under: Diets, Nutrition

Those who experience symptoms of anxiety, including feeling nervous, restless or fearful, could find that a change in diet could help resolve those symptoms. The change in diet would include regulating the micro organisms in their gut - in other words, improving your gut health. Research has found that gut microbiota - those millions of micro-organisms in the gut that perform such valuable functions in the immune system and metabolism - can also help to regulate brain function. What was the research carried ...


How to Harness Help when you have Hemorrhoids

Added May 20, 2019, Under: Exercise, How To, Inflammation, Natural remedies, Nutrition

Hemorrhoids are a very common anorectal condition, affecting millions. While hemorrhoids are frequently seen in clinics, emergency wards, gastroenterology units and surgical clinics, many wonder how you know when hemorrhoids have developed, when you should seek medical help and how to cope with the pain? What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are cushions of tissue filled with blood vessels and found at the end of the rectum (that is just inside the anus).  Along with the muscle known as the anal sphincter, hemorrhoids help control ...

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