Dramatic Dragon Fruit Is Filled With Delicious Goodness

Added February 5, 2019, Under: Health, Nutrition

Dragons are the mythical, magical, scaled, horned and winged creatures that frighten and thrill adults and children alike. We might even rationalize that they could have once existed - dinosaurs with wings - and we know dinosaurs were real. But if we cannot have the real dragon, we can have the very dramatic looking dragon fruit with its surprisingly subtle and gentle taste that no one could dislike. And if your children are fussy eaters, the thought of dragon fruit could well whet ...


Nude Shopping Is Right On Trend!

Added January 31, 2019, Under: Environment, Nutrition, Technology

But this is not about shopping in the nude! It is about looking for, supporting and then buying fresh fruit and vegetables that are being sold nude... Ditch the plastic The plan is for "food in the nude"  to mean the beginning of the end for plastic wrapping and packaging in supermarkets and other stores. A group of New World supermarkets in New Zealand have abandoned the use of plastic wrapping for virtually all of their fruit and vegetables in a project labelled - ...


Lard Is Making A Comeback For All The Right Reasons!

Added January 23, 2019, Under: Health, Nutrition, Vitamin D

Obviously not for vegetarians, vegans or non-pork eaters, this old fashioned animal fat (known as lard) is coming back into favor. Pasture-raised lard is heat stable, heart healthy and high in Vitamin D. It was once a staple in our grandparents’ homes but has been largely absent for over fifty years. Now many are beginning to take note of its health benefits. Why is lard making a comeback? It is a good cooking oil because of its heat stability. The high amount of saturated ...


Is Jackfruit The Food Of The Future?

Added December 11, 2018, Under: Environment, Nutrition

Is Jackfruit new to you? People in the know are calling it a "miracle" fruit that could help feed the world in years to come. Just one jackfruit tree can produce up to three tons of food in tropical areas where it is grown.  But its popularity is growing elsewhere too.  If just one tree can produce so much, think of the enormous quantity a whole plantation of jackfruit trees could provide? More about jackfruit A member of the fig, mulberry and breadfruit family, ...


Does Your Child Have A Zinc Deficiency? You Might Be Surprised At The Signs!

Added November 27, 2018, Under: Children's Health, Nutrition, Parents

You may never have given a thought to whether your child gets enough zinc in his or her diet but a zinc deficiency is surprisingly common. Check out these "top ten" signs! Your child is frequently sick. He or she is a fussy eater. They have a poor appetite. Your child suffers from dry skin or the symptoms of eczema. White spots appear on their nails. Your child becomes upset at loud sounds - for example, the vacuum cleaner or garbage ...


How To Handle The Stooping That Can Come With Age

Added October 30, 2018, Under: Exercise, How To, Nutrition, Women's Health

Many people (and especially women) experience that hump at the back of the neck as they age - and it can be more prominent the older they become, even leading to an obvious stoop. If this is something that is affecting you, don't despair as there are simple exercises and lifestyle changes you can do to lessen the effects of this condition (often known as dowager’s hump).  It is also known as a buffalo hump. A word of caution But be aware that ...


For Optimum Nutrition From Your Fruit & Veggies, Grow Your Own!

Added September 28, 2018, Under: Exercise, Nutrition, Vitamin D

There are many good reasons why you should grow your own vegetables if you can. But the main reason has to be that fruit and vegetables should be eaten as soon as possible after being picked. They will never be as nutritious as they are at the moment you pick them or dig them up.  Although fruits and vegetables remain alive after picking, it is that very quality that can contribute to spoilage and loss of nutrients. Every hour that goes by means ...


Find Out Why Your Hair Needs Vitamins Too!

Added July 19, 2018, Under: How To, Natural remedies, Nutrition

  In much the same way as we care or should care for our skin, so we need to think about our hair and whether we are giving our crowning glory the TLC it needs and even craves? Adding these vitamins to your diet improves your hair but it can also help to prevent hair loss too. How to thicken your hair in a natural way Fish Oil This oil rich in fatty acids will help to nourish the hair, support hair thickening and even ...


Gooseberries Have No Connection With Geese

Added July 1, 2018, Under: Diets, Nutrition

The UK's climate (most of the time) is perfectly designed to produce gooseberries - both the tart, green cooking gooseberries and the sweeter red varieties which appear a bit later. Although classified as cookers, the green gooseberries can still be delicious to eat raw if you have those type of taste buds that enjoy something that is a bit tart.  I grew up enjoying British candies such as sherbert lemons and pear drops while I love my very lemony tea to ...


Why are Chives the Perfect Backyard Plant?

Added June 27, 2018, Under: How To, Nutrition

One of the easiest plants to grow, chives have lots of uses They are a member of the onion family so come with similar health benefits. While they happily grow in open ground, they do very well in pots too. If you leave them to flower, they have a pretty display of purple crowns which are loved by your local bee population and other pollinators. Both the stems and flowers are highly edible. The garlic or Chinese chives come with ...

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