Ginkgo Is A Tried & Trusted Herbal Medicine |

Added April 20, 2010, Under: Diseases, Health, Sickness

Medicinal herbs have been in use for thousands of years in all parts of the world and are well known for their effectiveness in the treatment of many diseases. Herbal remedies can boost the immune system, increase the body’s resistance to infections, heal allergies and raise and renew the vitality of the body. Herbal medicine began with primitive cultures using different plants for shelter, clothing and medicine. The medicinal benefits of plants were learnt through trial and error methods in addition ...


Pregnancy & How To Overcome Morning Sickness

Added January 22, 2010, Under: Pregnancy, Sickness, Women's Health

According to any story you read or TV show you watch, pregnancy and morning sickness always go hand in hand. It is certainly true that some 75% of women do get morning sickness. But that still leaves some 25% who do not! So it is definitely not certain that if you are pregnant, you will get nausea. The symptoms usually disappear by the 4th month The term morning sickness can be a bit of a misleading title as many pregnant women can actually have ...


Bionic Centenarians! |

Added October 26, 2009, Under: Exercise, Health, Sickness

  Today I listened to an interview on the radio with a 100 year old woman who is competing in the 2009 World masters Games in Sydney, Australia.  Ruth Frith is participating in the javelin, discus, weight throw, hammer throw, shot put and weight pentathlon events!  She trains rigorously 5 mornings a week and pumps weights as part of her workout sessions. Does she not put the rest of us to shame!  The only downside from the interview was that she ...


Our Finger Nails Give Us A Window On To Our Health |

Added September 29, 2009, Under: Diseases, Health, Sickness

Dermatologists will point out that many nail disorders can result from poor nail care Take a close look at your nails – if you see any of the following nail appearance, it could indicate a possible serious condition: White nails – liver diseases Half of nail is pink, half is white – kidney diseases Nail bed is red – heart conditions Yellowing and thickening of the nail with slowed down growth rate – lung diseases Pale nail beds – anemia Yellowish nails, with a slight blush at ...


Could Rooibos Tea Prevent or Slow Down Certain Cancers? |

Added September 7, 2009, Under: Diets, Health, Sickness, Weight Loss

There is a healthy herbal tea from South Africa that has been receiving lots of celebrity endorsements and these stars have not even been paid to do so!  Its name is Rooibos which means red bush and it is not a true tea but an herb. The brew, made from the dried Rooibos leaves, is therefore an herbal infusion but is widely known as Rooibos tea. The taste, flavor and aroma of Rooibos Tea With its distinctive color, flavor and aroma, Rooibos tea ...


Boost Your Immune System To Avoid Flu & Other Viruses |

Added July 27, 2009, Under: Diets, Health, Sickness

Many of us know that our immune system is important to our well being but are we doing enough to boost this immune system? With winter coming and the ever present threat of flu, there is much we can do to improve our immune system to make us less vulnerable to colds and flu as well as other conditions such as outbreaks of psoriasis, rosacea flare-ups, shingles outbreaks and even the appearance of warts. I have written earlier posts on the importance ...

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