Nude Shopping Is Right On Trend!

Added January 31, 2019, Under: Environment, Nutrition, Technology

But this is not about shopping in the nude! It is about looking for, supporting and then buying fresh fruit and vegetables that are being sold nude... Ditch the plastic The plan is for "food in the nude"  to mean the beginning of the end for plastic wrapping and packaging in supermarkets and other stores. A group of New World supermarkets in New Zealand have abandoned the use of plastic wrapping for virtually all of their fruit and vegetables in a project labelled - ...


Why You Should Beg, Borrow or Steal that Baby Tooth Back from the Tooth Fairy!

Added January 25, 2019, Under: Children's Health, Dental Care, Diseases, Technology

Our children's baby teeth (like umbilical cords although less controversial) contain stem cells that can cure diseases and grow replacement tissue and bones in the body. If you can collect and store them, those baby teeth can potentially be used to treat diseases that might arise when your child gets older - or even for close family members with serious illness. Scientists and doctors alike are now suggesting parents keep their children’s baby teeth. If your child is diagnosed with certain types of cancer, the ...


Good News About The Ozone Layer!

Added November 20, 2018, Under: Environment, Technology

A UN report has given the good news that the ozone level is finally healing. Several decades ago, we were warned that the Earth's protective layer was getting thinner and had been since the 1970s - and we all became very alarmed at the harm we were doing with our aerosol sprays and coolants from our refrigerators. We were told how the use of man-made chemicals (which we came to know as CFS or chlorofluorocarbons and which release chlorine and bromine), were ...


Ironing & Is It Just A Task From The Past?

Added November 16, 2018, Under: Environment, Technology

Would you believe that some of us have found that the task of ironing is perfect for stress relief and even therapeutic! And yes, I know that the whole concept has become a bit outdated. But even so, with the return of many other areas of nostalgia, could ironing become more popular again? Why did ironing fall out of favor? The advent of synthetic materials, the arrival of the tumble dryer and a generally busier lifestyle. Why could ironing make a return? The trend to more ...


Is “Recycling” Plastic The Wrong Choice To Make?

Added November 12, 2018, Under: Environment, Technology

Unless we are very careful or very fortunate, we all have to put up with unnecessary plastic in our lives. Even though we may do our best to cut down on its use, it is a constant battle all the time when supermarkets, and other suppliers insist on packaging their products in this commodity. Of course, we firmly believe that we are doing the right thing by recycling. But is that really so? Recently, recycling has become unsustainable In many areas, recycling for households means ...


Be Honest! Could You Fall Asleep At the Wheel?

Added November 7, 2018, Under: Insomnia, Technology

  Our faster pace of life means we are more sleep-deprived than ever. One of the worries is that many drivers have confessed to falling asleep as they drive. In the United States for example, 250,000 drivers fall asleep at the wheel every day, according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School - and, in a national poll by the National Sleep Foundation, 54% of adult drivers said they had driven while drowsy during the past year with 28% saying they had actually ...


Do Gel Manicures Pose A Risk To Your Nails?

Added November 5, 2018, Under: Technology, Women's Health

Gel manicures have been growing in popularity in recent years - mainly because they are long lasting. A gel manicure can continue to look good two to three times longer than a regular one (up to four weeks), with your nails keeping their color and a chip-free finish until removed. What could look more appealing on your Instagram image than your freshly applied gel manicure? But are they a harmless and routine beauty aid - or something more sinister? We find out more When ...


Homes Should Not Be Just For People, But For Nature Too!

Added July 22, 2018, Under: Environment, How To, Technology

Here in the UK, I am involved in a local Community Land Trust which does its best to build houses for local people (at a reasonable rent) who could not otherwise afford to live in the area - they don't earn enough. Like many places, there is a shortage here of affordable housing and so the Government constantly encourages housing associations and developers to build more - but this is often at the cost of losing local farm land or even ...


Both Parents & Children Are Having To Face These Modern Addictions

Added July 12, 2018, Under: Children's Health, Health, Technology

Can it only be some ten years since the appearance of the smart phone and yet, a USA study found that 40% of mothers and 32% of fathers admitted to some form of phone addition. They have the constant urge to check messages, they think about incoming calls or texts frequently and with some admitting that they feel they use their phones too much. One of the downsides, according to the study from the University of Michigan and Illinois State University, is ...


Synthetic Enamel & Is This The Way Forward For Tooth Repair?

Added June 10, 2018, Under: Dental Care, Technology

Researchers in the UK have now developed a new way to grow materials which could regenerate hard tissues such as dental enamel and even bone. And they are not the only ones.  A USA team have been working on the same subject matter. What is enamel? Enamel is the hardest tissue in the body and enables teeth to function for a large part of our lifetime - despite exposure to acidic foods, drinks and temperatures both hot and cold. The problem with enamel up ...

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