Top Ten Natural Remedies to Soothe & Ease Eczema Symptoms

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Prescription and over-the-counter creams, gels and other medications are common forms of eczema treatments. Unfortunately, these may contain chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients. Even though there is no cure for eczema, controlling your symptoms is possible and our suggested top ten natural remedies will work with your body to help to heal your symptoms or those of your child. The presence of inflammation is also key to the symptoms of eczema. Cool Wet Compresses These will relieve itching when there is a rash or redness ...


Top Ten Tinsel Tips For Wrapping Christmas Gifts

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Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or any other special occasion, wrapping gifts is an important part of the celebrations. If you can gift wrap in a beautifully presented way, you will make the recipient feel extra special. But it can take a little bit of time and effort. We help you produce some uniquely wrapped special gifts with our top ten tips. And here they are... Try these top ten tips Get all your materials needed ready before you begin.  If you want a ...


The Top Ten Tips on How to be Less Addicted to Your Smart Phone

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Here in the UK, there is increased concern about the growing addiction of all ages to their smart phones. And yes, it is not only the young. A popular BBC family show called The One Show followed a family with mother, father and two teens for several days to monitor their smart phone use. It found that over a weekend, the family were on their smart phones for a grand total of thirty hours. For example on the Sunday, the teenage son ...


Top Tips For Living With Less Plastic In Our Lives

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It should have become very obvious to most of us that the world's dependence on plastic is not doing us or the environment any favors. And it is well past the time when we need to live with less plastic. The environment is suffering... While we all know, on an intellectual level, that plastic is harming the environment, it has become so prolific in our lives that replacing it can be tough. If you feel that that you would like to live with ...


Those Top Ten Fruits & Vegetables To Grow In Your Back Yard

Added June 22, 2017, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Exercise, How To, Top 10

The fashionable movement to grow your own food is constantly on the increase. But it is not just a fashion or a fad, it makes such good health sense too. Here are the top ten that you might find easier and satisfying to grow for yourself Carrots are rich in vitamin A and an excellent source of beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, luteolin, falcarinol and other flavanoids that prevent chronic inflammation. Children love to grow them too. Drill a hole in the soil around half an inch ...


Why Do Those Dark Circles Appear Under Our Eyes?

Added June 19, 2017, Under: Environment, How To, Insomnia, Natural remedies, Top 10

No one wants to suffer from dark circles under their eyes. Although they can be treated, or at the very least camouflaged, wouldn't it be better to try to find the actual cause instead? While there can be several reasons for dark circles, they all start with the difference in thickness of the skin around your eyes. This is called the periorbital area. The skin in most areas of your body is between  2 and 3 mm thick (approximately .10 of an ...


The Top 10 Tips to Get Into That Pool as Often as You Can

Added May 21, 2017, Under: Arthritis, Environment, Exercise, Top 10

Most children love to go swimming but this sport is often forgotten about as we grow older. The US Census Bureau tells us that 36% of children swim at least six times a year compared with only 15% of adults. Isn't it time that you got back into the swimming habit once more? There are lots of reasons to help persuade you... Those top 10 tips why you should go back to swimming A swimming workout is one of the best activities you can do ...


It is Asparagus Time, What are You Waiting for?

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It is asparagus season once more here in the northern hemisphere and who could not be tempted by the sweet and delicious flavour of this super food. We share the top ten health benefits of asparagus Packed with good vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, E, K and B6, folic, iron, copper, calcium protein and fiber. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant, helping strengthen the immune system and protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Asparagus is naturally ...


Do You Suffer From Cramps in Your Feet and if so, Why?

Added April 25, 2017, Under: Exercise, Health, How To, Top 10

Most of us have suffered from an unwanted muscle spasm or cramp in the feet - with a sudden contraction or tightening of the muscles. This can happen after spending a long time sitting; undergoing an intense workout; or after a run. Foot cramps can be be short lived or last much longer and may even cause pain to the affected foot if it becomes bent during the cramps. What causes foot cramps? Cramps usually occur when we are in a resting position after movement. ...


Would You Like to be Able to Wash Your Phone Along With Your Hands?

Added February 3, 2017, Under: Health, How To, Technology, Top 10

Many are very concerned about picking up germs from everything they touch and use - and we have written before about the many public places that can be teeming with these nasties. The almost indispensable cell phone is one such place with a 2012 study claiming that the average phone can have up to ten times more germs than a regular toilet seat. Now the "washable" smart phone has been invented by a Japanese company - Kyocera. The washable smart phone The Kyocera Rafre ...

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