Osteoporosis & How to Prevent or Even Reverse This Condition

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Closeup of arm rehabilitation on treatment couch

This partly inherited condition is feared by many women (and less often by men) as they grow older - but the good news is that early lifestyle choices and changes can make a difference, even slowing down bone loss after it has been diagnosed. Osteoporosis is a bone disease and the word means porous bones. Decreased bone strength comes as a result of both reduced bone quantity and quality.  If you have osteoporosis, you have an increased risk of bone fractures. What ...


Is There Any Link Between Too Much Sleep & Alzheimer’s?

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Senior Man Relaxing In Hammock Alseep In Sunshine

Many of us worry about suffering from insomnia and being sleep deprived.  But the opposite could be true.  What if we find that we, or someone we care about, is having too much sleep.  What if someone regularly sleeps for more than nine hours at night? We worry about not getting enough sleep but, with five million diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the USA alone, the thought of developing Alzheimer's is becoming of much greater concern. Could this be an early sign of ...


How To Achieve That Healthy Glow!

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blonde lonely girl in light of sunset in nature

Researchers have come to the conclusion that a healthy glow does not necessarily mean you are actually healthy. The researchers say that, while a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is of course good for you and the natural result of beta-carotenes (the same substance that produces the orange color found in carrots) could be a healthy glow to the skin, taking beta-carotene supplements were not likely to have the same healthy benefits in spite of adding color to the skin. Is ...


Is This Revolutionary Type Of Toothpaste Too Good To Be True?

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Cute little girl in pink pyjamas in bathroom brushing her teeth

There is a revolutionary type of toothpaste new on the market!  And American dentists are unhappy about it because it might deprive them of revenue from some of their regular and lucrative dental procedures. While this claim might just be publicity hype, the toothpaste itself is definitely worth investigating. Apparently, the discovery by Japanese researcher Kazue Yamagishi has some incredible properties, being able to fill small cavities and cracks in the teeth while restoring tooth enamel at the same time. According to this site... The ...


Cod Liver Oil & Is This Old Fashioned Remedy Back in Fashion?

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fish oil soft gels lying on white porcelain plate in the form of fish (yellow background)

The thought of taking a spoonful of castor oil might bring a smile to your lips or conjure up thoughts of children in a Victorian nursery - but could this old fashioned remedy actually be a good idea in these modern times?Those who lived in Northern Europe were using cod liver oil for hundreds of years to protect them from the long dark winters and they certainly had the right idea. What is cod liver oil? Cod liver oil is the essential ...


Just Some of the Hundreds of Healing Ways of Coconut Oil

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jar of coconut oil and fresh coconuts on wooden table

With such a rise in the popularity of coconut oil and other coconut products, are we not going to run out of the raw material? Along with the very special coconut oil, products include coconut butter, coconut shreds, coconut water, coconut milk and cream, coconut flour and more. We consider it to be one of the healthiest oils in the world! And one of the reasons for this is that the flesh of the coconut is very high in healthy fatty acids. While ...


Pregnancy, New Moms, Babies & The Importance of Vitamin D Levels

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mother with newborn child during breast feeding in garden

GrassrootsHealth is responsible for a great deal of ongoing research into the importance of vitamin D in today's world - and we have written about many different aspects of ensuring high vitamin D levels in the past. Here are some of our titles... Cancer prevention Helping to prevent Alzheimer's disease Signs of a vitamin D deficiency Children and vitamin D  How to get tested for your vitamin D levels Now it is the turn of the breastfed baby In support of National Breastfeeding Month, GrassrootsHealth have announced that ...


Reward Your Hardworking Hands With Simply Hand Oil

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Cherry Blossom Petals on a Young Lady's Hands

Most of us are fortunate indeed to have two strong hardworking hands that are kept busy throughout the day and yet, do we give their welfare a second thought? Whether we are doing the household chores, working in the garage or the garden or subjecting our hands to lots of water, we do need to give them some TLC (tender loving care) – and regularly. 5 tips for gardeners to look after their hands 1. Invest in good gloves as these will protect ...


Summer Sun is Great for your Vitamin D Levels but Hard on your Hair

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Woman washing her hair on white tiles background.

Being outdoors, enjoying the sun and perhaps spending lots of time swimming and in the water can be especially harsh on your hair. It is easy to forget about looking after your hair when you are so busy enjoying all those summertime outdoor activities but a few minutes spent in preparation can prevent damage in the long run. Our top HAIR TIPS to counteract the effects of summer… 1. Have a regular hair trim. This is because (a) many find that their hair ...


Gardening is the Perfect Natural Remedy for Anxiety, Aging & Loss of Attention

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Fresh herbs - spices in woman's hands

Even though I am not an especially knowledgeable gardener, I have enjoyed gardening for many years - and find it really beneficial to my health in so many ways. Top of the list has to be all that bending, weeding and digging to give you great exercise workouts. There is a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment at a job well done and the literal “cherry on the top” could be actual cherries as well of course other fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers ...

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