Why You Should Avoid Drinking Diet Sodas

Added March 31, 2019, Under: Headaches & Migraines, Health, Weight Loss

When mainstream media start to highlight a subject of concern, you know that something (that natural news sites have been saying for years) is really having an impact on our health. Drinking diet soda is popular with many - particularly those who are watching their weight. Yes, diet soda has zero calories.  And yet, it can also become an addictive habit. A large and recent study (reported in mainstream media) has concluded that two or more diet drinks per day increase the ...


Natural Formulas & How They Can Help Sportsmen to Keep Fit and Well

Added July 15, 2017, Under: Exercise, Health, Weight Loss

If you are a runner, a cyclist or other type of sportsmen where you spend a lot of time being physical and wearing specialist shoes, essential oils can be invaluable for you. Natural Formulas can be powerful healing agents. They are created using the finest homeopathic and natural essential oils. The oils are extracted directly from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree - depending on the type of essential oil.  That oil is then distilled to ...


Are You Climbing Those Stairs For A Really Good Workout?

Added February 29, 2016, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health, Weight Loss

I have two flights of stairs in my current home, making it impossible to avoid climbing those stairs several times a day. But that is not such a bad thing. Stair climbing provides a very good workout. I kept a count and I had climbed those two flights five times before 10 o’clock this morning. Stairway to heaven or a daily toil? Stair climbing is a unique form of exercise that can have a powerful and positive impact on your health over time. ...


Do Young Children Today Have Enough Exercise?

Added August 31, 2015, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Exercise, Nutrition, Weight Loss

In the past children would spend hours outside playing with their friends - whatever the weather. They were also encouraged to participate in organized school sport, although not all children wanted to. The long summers without school meant children had the freedom to spend all day exploring. But in many cases, modern technology and a growing fear of keeping children safe has changed all that. Today, official figures indicate that (a) in the UK one in every four children in the ...


EFT & Why Tapping Can Help You To Cut The Cravings

Added August 28, 2014, Under: Health, How To, Weight Loss

EFT or The Emotional Freedom Technique is said to help optimize your emotional health which of course goes hand in hand with your physical health and healing. You may feel you are living a healthy lifestyle in terms of what you eat, how you exercise, your sleeping habits and your vitamin D levels, but are you reaping the full benefits if there are still emotional barriers standing in your way? EFT is all about tapping If you can master this technique, you ...


Our Top Ten Tips For Curbing Cellulite

Added July 30, 2014, Under: Exercise, How To, Pregnancy, Skin Conditions, Weight Loss, Women's Health

Suffering from cellulite is not a new condition. It has been a problem for so long that, for years, women have been searching for and using natural healing treatments to combat cellulite and that orange peel appearance. There are lots of reasons why cellulite can appear and our earlier post will give you these.  If you are prone to those less-than-attractive dimples on the thighs, the buttocks and elsewhere, help is at hand. Our ten suggestions for some natural remedies for cellulite Obviously some will ...


Looking for a New Healthy Beverage to Enjoy? Coconut Water Could Be Your Answer

Added July 28, 2014, Under: Environment, Nutrition, Skin Conditions, Weight Loss

You might have noticed that the beverage – coconut water – has become very popular, with many companies jumping on the bandwagon to market and sell their own versions. Of course if you are super fortunate with access to fresh young green coconuts, you can make a hole in the thick skin of a green coconut and pour out your own coconut water ready to drink. But most of us don’t have that opportunity and have to look for a safe ...


Are You Addicted To This Substance & How To Fight That Addiction |

Added May 12, 2013, Under: Diseases, Health, How To, Weight Loss

Most people are quickly becoming aware of the dangers of sugar and the need to reduce their intake or preferably eliminate it from their diet. But of course, the love of sugar is a form of addiction and we know how difficult addictive substances can be to turn away from. Unfortunately, sugar can be a form of poison Are you addicted to sugar? There are 6 ways to help reduce that addiction 1. Learn which products contain added sugar and which don’t. That ...


20 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally |

Added August 11, 2012, Under: Weight Loss

Sometimes it just needs a special motivation to start the road to losing weight... My own husband, who has been overweight for many years, suddenly in January - and perhaps connected to that recurring habit of making a New Year's resolution - decided to make a concerted effort to lose weight. What really spurred him on was that he is a professional photographer and the knowledge that he had to take regular aerial photos over a long period but in a ...


Pomegranates For Weight Loss, Menopause & So Much More |

Added May 29, 2012, Under: Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Women's Health

We all want to have the correct weight for our height and age and eating a balanced diet to lose weight should of course include lots of fresh vegetables as well as some fresh fruit too. Pomegranates are a wonderful example of a healthy, nutritious fruit that has antioxidant properties and will even help prevent cancer. In recent studies, researchers believe that including pomegranates in a healthy, balanced diet has the power to reduce that all too common fat stored round ...

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