Anxious About Arthritis? 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Joints |

Added May 17, 2012, Under: Exercise, Weight Loss

Whatever your age, it makes good sense to look after your joints to keep them in good shape for years to come. Joints are surprisingly important in the bigger picture, allowing you to do all the movements necessary between your bones – bending your knees, arching your back, moving your fingers, swinging those hips and turning your head. What happens if you neglect to look after your joints? Aging, being overweight, injuries, bad posture, lack of sleep and of course general wear and ...


9 Ways to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth, Safely & Healthily |

Added May 16, 2012, Under: Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

The dangers of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, both to your health and as an addiction, have been well documented and of course artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, and now neotame, are just as toxic. The human body is totally unable to utilize the roughly 225 pounds of sugar and HFCS consumed by the average American every year. Before the 1900s, the yearly consumption was only 5 pounds. Our livers turn this blood sugar into fat (triglycerides) where it is ...


Is Your Kitchen Working to Help You Lose Weight? |

Added May 9, 2012, Under: Weight Loss

If you are serious about weight loss and lifestyle changes, one of the first areas you need to look at is actually your kitchen as the room itself, and how everything is displayed, can be part of your problem. What you buy at the local supermarket and hopefully, the health store and the farmers market too, also has a role to play because obviously if you only bring health-giving whole foods into your kitchen, then you are not going to ...


Winning Workouts For Everone Who Has Arthritis |

Added February 20, 2012, Under: Diseases, Exercise, Health, Weight Loss

  Anyone who has put up with the pain and discomfort of arthritis will be anxious to improve their symptoms and one of the best ways is through exercise.  Arthritis often goes hand in hand with being overweight but exercise along with a wholesome diet can make you healthier and even lighter.  Remember that every pound that you carry (around the abdomen) puts an extra 10 pounds of pressure on those vulnerable joints.  Exercise also makes you feel good. Why is exercise ...


The Perils of “Eating Out” During the Happy Holidays Season |

Added December 6, 2011, Under: Diets, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

All through the year, you might be on your best behavior as far as eating healthily and not giving in to temptation, and then the holiday season is here - and everything goes straight out the window. While it is not the end of the world if you succumb to some less than healthy eating occasionally, it really depends on how much and whether it will set you back on your own personal health goal or weight loss program. Eating out usually means ...


The Case For Cycling More & Living Longer |

Added , Under: Exercise, Health, Weight Loss

They say you never forget how to ride a bicycle. So why not put this to the test and start cycling again, even it has been years or decades since your last cycle ride. It may be the middle of winter where you live but now might be the perfect time to plan your return to cycling come the spring – giving you time to get your gear and your attitude in place and perhaps even choosing a bicycle for ...


How To Raise A Fit Child With 7 Helpful Tips |

Added November 12, 2011, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Exercise, Weight Loss

There is a worldwide trend towards increasing numbers of children being and becoming overweight or obese. This is primarily because we are cultivating generations of sedentary children who are condemned to suffer from fatty livers, type 2 diabetes and even strokes and coronary heart disease – children who are in danger of being outlived by their parents. Why the trend towards early disease? Of course food plays an important role in this trend but lack of exercise is also a contributing factor. ...


Are You A Victim Of Comfort Food? 10 Tips To Change |

Added November 11, 2011, Under: Diets, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Some call it comfort food while others say it is emotional eating. Either way, it is turning to food, and particularly less healthy food, when times are tough. If your emotions and your waistline are getting the raw end of the deal as far as your eating habits are concerned, perhaps it is time to do something constructive about this problem. Often, it becomes a habit to turn to food when stress, a loss or a certain situation occurs and most ...


Pecans & How to Boost Your Immune System With These 9 Health Benefits |

Added November 6, 2011, Under: Diseases, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

All nuts (when eaten raw) are full of health benefits and if you can eat a handful of different ones every day, so much the better. One of these health filled nuts is the pecan which is an especially rich source of energy while also filled with many nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for our well being. Just one and a half ounces of nuts daily, such as pecans, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and ...


The Future Stats Are Not Looking Good For Arthritis |

Added October 22, 2011, Under: Diets, Diseases, Exercise, Health, Weight Loss

Many of the conditions today are as a result of inflammation and arthritis is one such disease. Sadly, the figures for arthritis sufferers are going up and up with currently, one in five having to live with arthritis. More than 21 million of all those with arthritis in the USA have their daily lives physically affected by arthritis and that figure is set to rise with a predicted number of 52 million estimated to be affected by the year 2030. What ...

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