Do You Have the Habit of Talking to Yourself?

Added April 12, 2020, Under: Health, How To

If you do find that you have habit of talking to yourself, this is not a bad thing.

It can actually be very beneficial.

But you do have to say the right things when you are thinking aloud!

Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James has said: “We know that people who are lonely or isolated in life do tend to talk aloud, because when we hear our own voice, we do feel slightly less alone.”

She goes on to add: “It’s a bit like putting the television on. There is a presence, and not necessarily listening to silence, which for some people feels oppressive.”

Talking to yourself can be a form of motivational speech

  • Athletes will often motivate themselves by shouting out during their sport, positively influencing their emotions, their confidence and their performance.
  • Non-athletes can also find the motivation to achieve much more in their daily tasks and goals – especially when attempting something out of the ordinary.
  • During times of feeling isolated, or when human contact is severely limited, talking to yourself and saying the right things can be very supportive for our mental health.
  • Some of the most clever of us talk to themselves.  You only have to consider the inner monologues of some of the world’s greatest thinkers or poets.
  • Saying things out loud sparks memory, helping to solidify the end game and make it tangible.
  • Babies learn to speak by listening to grownups and mimicking what they say. Talking is all about practice.

Whether you’re living by yourself or living with others, you’re always living with yourself.

So it makes good sense not to leave yourself out of the equation.

By all means, converse, chatter and communicate respectfully with yourself.  It’s not a sign of insanity, it is very much a sign of good health.


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