Is It Time To Set Your Feet Free?

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Going barefoot outdoors is something I like to do as often as the terrain and the weather allows and I have written about the custom of grounding or earthing before. There is also the habit of taking off your shoes when you enter your own or someone else’s home – usually for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness.

What I have found

My favorite place to go barefoot is on the beach and paddling in the ocean but that is not always possible especially as I now live some distance from the sea. Instead, I work on the allotment garden in bare feet. This is the cause of much amusement among the other allotment holders (especially the men) as they just cannot understand how anyone could. I don’t often wear gardening gloves either. I have had comments from others that “their feet are ticklish” or “their feet are very sensitive”. Well of course they are if they have never seen the light of day!

Meanwhile, I have a pair of healthy, tanned feet that never seem to cause me any problems.

Barefoot in the home

Now there is a move afoot (yes I know – a bit of a pun) for us to stop wearing anything on our feet in the home – and to go barefoot there too.

And here are the reasons why…

  • The first is as you would expect and covers hygiene. Perhaps we do need to stop and think about where we have walked today in our shoes or boots. The street, public bathrooms, the subway – all that bacteria and the materials that promote bacteria growth. Common bacteria found on shoes include e.coli, c.diff (causes bad diarrhea or colon inflammation if not treated), meningitis and much more.
  • There are also a long list of toxins from the outside environment that can be easily be brought into the home via shoes. This includes herbicides picked up from public parks and golf courses as well as harmful chemicals from work places and factories. All your hard work keeping your home chemical and toxin free will go to waste.
  • Dirt and more brought in with outdoor shoes causes wear and tear on your flooring. Expensive hardwood flooring and carpeting will last longer and need less cleaning if dirt is not tracked in every day.
  • Foot health is another aspect to consider. Just as outdoors barefoot walking comes with health benefits, so does walking around barefoot at home. It is really good for your feet too.
  • Children benefit from going barefoot indoors as if it is done regularly, they will have stronger feet, more flexible feet, be less likely to suffer from flat feet and develop far few podiatric deformities.
  • What about “athlete’s foot?”  Well, even if you were to pick up this fungal infection in the first place, remaining barefoot means that this condition would not last long in dry air.  You see, athlete’s foot and other fungal problems positively thrive inside your cosy, damp shoes.
  • Most foot problems and deformities such as calluses, hammer toes, bunions and more are actually caused by wearing shoes in the first place while many of those with flat feet find there is an improvement if they go barefoot as much as possible.

Isn’t it time to let your feet go free too?



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