Why We Need To Keep Up Our Hand Writing Skills

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It might be considered almost old fashioned today but handwriting remains an essential skill for both children and adults.

For younger children, handwriting activates the brain more than using a key board – and this is because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills.

At the same time, handwriting contributes to reading fluency because when you write the letters, you gain a visual perception of them too.

So parents, teachers – and those at the forefront of having a say at what goes on in the classroom – should not be too hasty in dismissing handwriting (whether left handed or right handed) in favor of technology completely taking its place.

There are many other benefits in keeping handwriting on the go

  • Handwriting helps to develop the muscles needed to sit at a desk for long periods, helping physical coordination, rhythm, stamina and posture.  High school students can be at risk of physical problems later in life if not taught to sit and write properly.
  • For pupils whose mother tongue is not English, handwriting has proved helpful when it comes to learning the language.  It can be easier for children to see the words and sentences written down rather than simply listening to them.  In addition, by handwriting, they are more likely to notice the grammatical structures.
  • Psychologists have long understood that writing can help people recognize and come to terms with their feelings with studies finding that “the writing cure” (where you write about your feelings every day for a few minutes) can lead to noticeable physical and mental health benefits.
  • When a person writes by hand, it is of course personal with an investment in time and energy.  Handwriting, unlike typed text, is unique to each writer, often making a handwritten note more highly valued and appreciated than an email or text.

Nevertheless, digital literacy is of course essential, especially in a world where means of communication are rapidly diversifying.  There is room for both!  Encourage your child to become proficient in both handwriting and typing on a computer.

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