There Is a New Way to Beat the Smoking Habit

Added April 25, 2019, Under: Health, How To

We have written about the pitfalls of the smoking habit before and have added suggestions on how to beat it. Hypnosis was one of those suggestions. But now researchers have come up with something new... And that is sniffing chocolate Smokers who want to ditch the habit have been advised to forget about nicotine patches and instead, breath in pleasant aromas (such as vanilla, coffee or chocolate). A recent study involving 232 smokers (who weren't actually trying to quit) found that their intensity of cravings ...


The Crab Apple Tree has No Links with the Crustacean of the Same Name!

Added April 24, 2019, Under: Nutrition

We have a beautiful crab apple tree growing in the orchard in our allotment - and we also have a large, rather rampant, version in the churchyard next to our home.  One has red crab apples and the other has yellow. In the spring, our crab apple tree has pink blossom while the one in the churchyard has white blossom. The crab apple is one of those rare, catch-all trees that check not one but all the boxes on the gardener's checklist, ...


Those 6-Pack Plastic Rings Can Cause So Much Harm

Added April 21, 2019, Under: Environment, Technology

Those plastic rings used to connect drink cans together have been around since the 1970s - and it has long been known how lethal they can be for wildlife. Thousands of marine animals and birds are thought to die or become maimed by getting trapped in discarded six-pack plastic hoops each and every year. But why has it taken so long for something to be done about it? Much like the plastic straws, six-pack rings are often seen as enemies of the ocean. Though ...


There is a Need to Nap!

Added April 15, 2019, Under: Health, Insomnia

I always think that the secret of success when napping is NOT to nap for too long!  But there are studies out there that disagree with this. Taking a timeout to sleep during the day will give you a quick energy boost but the habit also has other health benefits too. Humans are unlike other mammals in that they usually just sleep once a day but with so many in this modern world being sleep-deprived, regular napping could be a sensible solution.  ...


How to Have a Healthier, Happier Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

Added April 11, 2019, Under: Environment, How To, Insomnia, Natural remedies

Are you finding it difficult to get to sleep at night or do you get a few hours sleep at the start before waking up in the early hours, tossing and turning? It might be worth looking at your bedroom in more detail and finding out what might be causing your insomnia. Do your bedroom walls need a zero-VOC coat of paint? A VOC-free paint on your walls and woodwork will help you to breathe more easily by minimizing any chemicals.  There are ...


Are You Choosing to Eat Butter From Grass Fed Cows?

Added April 8, 2019, Under: Health, Nutrition

One such brand (from grass fed cows) is Kerrygold butter from Ireland - and it has been around for over five decades. Now with margarine quickly going out of favor, Kerrygold has become more popular than ever. I always buy Kerrygold here every week in the UK from my local village shop and, when I was recently in the USA, it was easily available there. What makes this brand of butter so special? Top of the list is that the milk that goes ...


Balloons Are Causing Harm In The Natural World

Added April 4, 2019, Under: Environment

Sadly, releasing balloons can be as bad and as anti-social as littering... When balloons are released or let go, they end up as trash in pastures, putting livestock at risk or they drop into the ocean, with devastating consequences for the marine life. Balloons do not biodegrade in water Instead, they soak up all the water, actually increasing in size.  When they end up in the ocean, balloons are often mistaken for jelly fish (in the much the same way as floating plastic ...


Our Seven Suggestions For A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Added March 31, 2019, Under: Environment, How To

  And they all begin with R... Refuse Are you in the habit of saying "Ooh yes please - and thank you" every time you are offered a free gift or sample?  Nine times out of ten, these get stashed away and are never used.  Learn to say "No thank you"! Reduce Don't be tempted too easily to buy items that you see in the shops and online.  We all have too much "stuff".  Avoid adding to it!  And keep up the habit of reducing ...


Why You Should Avoid Drinking Diet Sodas

Added , Under: Headaches & Migraines, Health, Weight Loss

When mainstream media start to highlight a subject of concern, you know that something (that natural news sites have been saying for years) is really having an impact on our health. Drinking diet soda is popular with many - particularly those who are watching their weight. Yes, diet soda has zero calories.  And yet, it can also become an addictive habit. A large and recent study (reported in mainstream media) has concluded that two or more diet drinks per day increase the ...


Do Our Children Really Need All Those Plastic Toys?

Added March 27, 2019, Under: Children's Health, Environment, Exercise, Parents

There has been a lot of attention recently in the UK about a nursery school/ preschool in Bristol (not too far away from me here in Somerset) that has taken the decision to replace the school's plastic toys with cardboard boxes and other natural items. This is a 'back to basics' trial to encourage improved socialising and creativity. Although the trial is just for a month, it may be made permanent. What has the school found to date? Staff say the 'back to basics' ...

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