Beauty Spot Or Blight, Moles Are A Common Condition

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Doctor, dermatologist, hands examines a birthmark of patient. Checking benign moles

So common because everyone has at least one mole and some may have as many as forty or more. Most moles develop during our lifetime but some 1% are born with moles and it is these congenital moles that might cause problems and even become suspect in time. Moles are normally small and visible as brown or dark spots in the skin but they can be flesh-colored or yellow-brown. Flat or raised, they may contain dark hairs but having hairs in ...


Sing The Song You Were Born To Sing

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Do you enjoying singing?  It can be in the bath or the shower, accompanying the radio when you are driving or even singing and dancing around the house to music.  You can also join a local choir - they continue to grow in popularity. Just one word of warning - be wary of singing out loud in public places when you have headphones on!  The family connection Not his career, but a huge and much loved hobby, my brother has been rocking down ...


Tree Hugger Can No Longer Be Used As A Derogatory Term!

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Tree hugging. Close-up of hands hugging tree

We have all heard those dismissive words - “Oh, he (or she) is just a tree hugger.” Tagged a tree hugger means you are lumped together with being called a hippie, a flower child, a bunny hugger and other similar phrases.  And of course there is nothing wrong with that. But has come to the rescue and validated that hugging trees is good for you! And you don’t even have to do the hugging - just being within the vicinity of a ...


Falling Can Be Risky Whatever Your Age

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Hand auf Gelnder

When I was a child, I seemed to be particularly clumsy with permanently scarred, bruised and battered knees. My mother’s solution was to send me to ballet classes from a young age in the hope that I would become more graceful. It didn’t make much difference and now decades later, I have survived many trips and falls. I don’t want to jinx it so I am just going whisper - that I have never actually broken anything. Now my daughter is convinced that ...


The Shingles Shot & Should You Succumb?

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Hand hold syringe with greeen liquid on gray background

One of the results of having some vaccine shots can be the shedding that can take place. There is a vaccine that is recommended for those over the age of 60 or 70 in an attempt to prevent the onset of shingles to the vulnerable. This shingles vaccine is just one example of those that shed live virus, even continuing to do so for many weeks or months afterwards - to possibly infect those around. What happens when the shingles vaccine sheds? Recent ...


Three Ways To Ward Off Some Of That Damage From Smoking

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Man light a cigarette

You may have recently given up smoking or you are struggling to do so. You might even be forced to endure second hand smoke.  Whatever the reason, there are some natural remedies you can use for improving your lung health. Firstly, try adding these nourishing and natural additives to your daily meals Ginger is an ancient spice with healing powers, helping to eliminate excess mucus in the lungs. Onion and garlic are both extremely healthy with their proven anti cancer properties while onion in ...


Do You Suffer From Painful Period Cramps Every Month?

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Sad looking young woman sitting on bed, on white background

If you do, then you are not alone. Did you know that half of all women are affected by period pain at some time? Of course many will suffer from the symptoms of PMS too. Although the intensity of pain and discomfort varies from woman to woman, many have to resort to pain killers for several days every month in order just to function. That is really bad news for your health. Excessive pain? Please be aware that if you suffer from excessive ...


How To Avoid That Afternoon “Slow Down” When You Are Working

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Man with beard in glasses sleeps in office on the table over laptop with coffee in hand

Working a long day, after commuting to and from work and perhaps following a disturbed night’s sleep for whatever reason, can often lead to that feeling of sleepiness and failed productivity by mid afternoon. What can you do about it? If you work from home, then it is no longer a problem. You have the double advantage of no commuting and being able to organize your hours for optimum productivity. But not everyone is that fortunate although the numbers working from home ...


Help To Prevent Alzheimer’s Onset By Raising Your Vitamin D Levels

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terza eta

Although forecasts for the future are difficult to predict and could be way out, one that comes up again and again is the expected and high rise in the cases of Alzheimer’s. It is said that more than 28 million American baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's disease during the course of their lifetimes. Of course, pharmaceutical companies are busy researching treatment for this disease while governments and charities are providing or raising funds for research. Sadly, the emphasis has been on treatment rather ...


Do You Find The Hashtag #loveyourlines Convincing?

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Crema sulle gambe

There has very recently been a high profile campaign #loveyourlines carried out among women to see if their attitudes to stretch marks have changed. The campaign gave women the opportunity to embrace their stretch marks by sharing images of themselves and their "lines" on social media but it found that, for most ordinary women, “stretch marks” are really not something they want to post on facebook and elsewhere. Their response was a definite “No”. Nevertheless, there will always be those who are ...

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