Retrowalking – Try Walking Backwards For These Health Benefits

Added December 16, 2018, Under: Environment, Exercise, Health

It may sound a little crazy but soccer players do it all the time when they are playing – and they definitely include retrowalking as part of their training exercises.

Could you have a go yourself?

An easier and safer way to start is to add backward walking to your treadmill workouts, remembering to start with a SLOW speed –  before progressing to some outdoors strolls.

Walking in reverse adds extra bouts of increased intensity, similar to brisk walking or a gentle run.

What health benefits can you expect?

  • Retrowalking can help to improve your balance, by working on the functions of cerebellum which co-ordinates and balances the body movements.
  • It can give a workout to some muscles you don’t use as frequently when walking normally.
  • It can help to prevent knee problems.
  • It definitely improves your thinking skills.  Obviously, you have to remain mentally sharp but your vision improves too.
  • If you are experiencing back pain or lack flexibility in the hamstrings. walking backwards can help to prevent the pain.
  • You will strengthen your leg muscles when you focus on walking backwards for a 15 minute work out.

Safety first!

Obviously, once you progress from walking backwards on a treadmill, you will need to find a safe place where you can do your thing, preferably one that is fairly level and hazard-free.


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