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  4.5 out of 5  (5 Reviews)
Fsensual 5 01st June 2012

Joshua G - White Oak, OH


This stuff is awesome. works as advertised... went from working for it to having a blast the whole time, the sensation is monumental.. love that it's all natural but it costs alot... trust me its worth it... you'll be pouring it on so buy the big bottle!



Karl B from Tampa, Florida


Sending in letters of praise is not something I would normally do and especially for a sexual enhancement product but in this case I felt I must because Msensual has proven very helpful for me and my partner - we are really deriving maxiumum enjoyment. One more than satisfied customer (pun intended!)



Dr. A C from Tucson, Arizona


I frequently have to give advice to couple who are experiencing problems in the bedroom. Sometimes it is both of them, othertimes it is just the male or just the female. I always recommend as the first possible solution to try out one of your natural sexual enhancement products and very often this sorts out the problem with perhaps a little bit of extra counselling at the same time.

As a practitioner, I prefer my patients to use a natural product whenever and wherever possible. I applaud your pursuit of natural products

-Dr. A C


Anthony W from Cumberland, R.I.


I was anxious to boost my performance. Your product fitted the bill. That performance is now more exciting, more long lasting and more pleasurable for me. The only thing was that I was hoping for a jelly more than an oil, but after 20 minutes the oil was just fine :)



George S from Washington, D.C


As a middle-aged guy, I was starting to notice less of the sex drive and more of the hard work.

Fortunately I ordered your product and I am surprised at the result. Without going into details, the whole session is more prolonged now but in the best way.

My only issue was that I was hoping for an oral solution, but I didn't read the website right when purchasing. As it turns out your product worked just fine.

-George S